5 Things You Spend Money on Unnecessarily

By SiliconIndia   |   Tuesday, August 30, 2011
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Bangalore: Before you could proceed to know where you spent your money unnecessarily, just take a look at all your belongings. Open your wardrobe, what do you find? A couple of shirts you never used because you never found a matching trouser? Some electrical appliances you purchased because it was offered at an attractive price but you never got an opportunity to use it! How many of us buy things in order to flaunt it? This is not an uncommon act amongst impulsive buyers, the greed in them to acquire things before their friends could own it. Buyers who recklessly spend money on things that appeal to them for a certain period, later find the same to be a waste of investment. Swimming Pools
5 Things You Spend Money on Unnecessarily
Your friends apartment has a swimming, and you are disgusted with the fact that your apartment doesn't have one? You finally decide to look for an apartment that provides you with the amenity of a swimming pool. You pay a huge chunk of your money to have all your needs under one roof. But did you actually utilize and how often have you utilize the amenities? How many times did you even jump into the swimming pool? It's a very bad investment. Instead use the community pool or the one at the health club.

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