5 Must Do Investing Tips to Do in Your 30s

By SiliconIndia   |   Thursday, March 28, 2013   |    4 Comments
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Bangalore: Being financially secured is something everybody aspires for. To achieve this, you should start saving money as early as in your 30s. The goal of investing or saving should not be limited to becoming wealthy but also to attain a secured future for you and your family.

At the age of 30, probably when you are settled in your job, married, and might have children as well; your financial responsibility is increased, where in a near future, you will have to invest for your children’s education, buy a home, car, or even have to save money for your retirement.

The following are some essential steps to be followed when you plan your investments while you are in your 30s, as reported by BankBazaar.com.

1. Increase Your Monthly Investments

If you have saved some amount in your bank from a long time, try to invest this money in mutual funds and other investment schemes, so that you get good returns from it. A small amount of investment can make a huge difference in a long term financial plans. Meanwhile, make sure that you increase your amount of investment if your pocket permits. Consult your financial adviser, so that he/she can suggest you more investment plans that is suitable for your income and expenditures.

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