4 Most Successful Mid-Cap Fund Managers in India

Bangalore: The investment sector is full of uncertainties; predicting the nature of the stocks to invest, is one of the hardest jobs in this sector. If the shares are of reputed companies, a bit of relief can be enjoyed. However, no one can assure any favorable outcome from these types of shares.

When it comes to invest on the ‘mid cap’ companies, it’s more risky and totally unpredictable. Only an expert can dare to invest on the mid-cap companies.

‘Economic Times’ has enlisted four expert managers, who are bullish on these mid-cap schemes and are boasting with their asset’s value in the recent times.

1. Mrinal Singh

ICICI Pru Mutual Find, Associate VP – Investments

Flagship Scheme: ICICI Prudential Discovery (Since Feb '11)

Mrinal Singh believes that the ability to keep ourselves firm and to classify business accordingly are the key ingredients for choosing the fair stocks.

He takes care of ‘I Pru Discovery’, one of the most successful schemes in India. This scheme has tasted good returns from the market. The last three years has been more fruitful for this scheme; it has got 38 percent profit.

Singh has invested in the shares of mid-cap companies like Mindtree, ING Vysya, Natco Pharma and Piramal Enterprises; it has been almost two years, Singh has invested in these companies.

Most of these shares have gained values in the market. The ING Vysya’s stocks gained more than 100, Mindtree has increased by 318 and is 881 now. Even Natco Pharma’s shares also grew to 439 from initial value of 313.

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