10 Tax Saving Strategies to Adopt Right Now

Bangalore: As 31st March 2013 i.e. the financial year ending and you have not yet paid attention to your tax saving and tax return schemes, its time you do it. The deductions made in the section 80 tax provisions have laid many opportunities to personal tax paying and tax refund options. Read on to know 10 such ways listed by cleartax.in .

1. 30 Percent Tax Slab Now Starts From 10 Lakhs

This is happy news for those who earns huge money as the 30 percent tax slab now starts from 10 lakhs rather than 8 lakhs. Both men and women are entitled to pay the same provision and there are no exemptions on gender basis.

2. Deduction of up to 1 Lakh

There are many investment instruments which can help you get a deduction on your taxable income and save up to 1 Lakh. For example, any investor earning more that 10 lakhs can invest in the Rajiv Gandhi Equity Saving Scheme (RGESS) and get a deduction of 50 percent of the investment.

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