10 Things Women Want From A Financial Advisor

By SiliconIndia   |   Wednesday, December 12, 2012
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Bangalore: Women are always a bit different in nature from men. As an investor, men do their own research, consult few friends or a financial advisor and then step into the investment world. But for women it’s different. They are self dependent only when it comes to earning money but how and where they can grow it, is a bit of trouble. In such a circumstance, they knock a financial advisor. But as it is, they are different. Their need, want and demand are different from men. Let’s explore some of their traits when it comes to investment and what they look for when they consult an advisor.

1. Someone to Connect With

Female investors never limit their conversation with their advisors only with whereabouts of their investment options. Rather they suppose that the advisor should meet their financial needs by keeping in mind about their personal needs. While a male client does not show much interest in developing a personal approach with the advisor and spends more time talking about his expertise and plans. Neither way of networking is better than the other, but this example does highlight how female clients give more importance to connectivity with their advisors.

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2. Women are Futuristic

It has most seen that women show more interest in financial planning relating to their retirement.  Why? Because women have longer life span and in most cases they outlive their male partners, which is why the need to build a larger retirement nest. Any modern women does understand the fact that with rising inflation and cost of health care, they would need more financial support funding their living expenses and medical bills if they will live for long. Hence, the desire for having a comfortable retirement life with financial independence, retirement planning tops the list of what women want from their financial advisors.

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