10 Most Generous Wealthy Indians

By SiliconIndia   |   Friday, November 30, 2012   |    6 Comments
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Bangalore: Indians are known for their emotional and compassionate nature. No matter whether one is rich or poor, everyone in India is always ready to provide all kinds to financial and moral support to someone in need. Talking about the ultra high net worth Individuals (UHNWIs), they are not only successful businessmen but also are generous. Wealth X, which is a provider of detailed intelligence on UHNWIs globally, has released a list of the top 10 UHNW Indian donors, comparing their donation with their net worth. So read below to know about those kind rich Indians.

1. Azim Premji

India's most bighearted donor Azim Hashim Premji is the chairman of Wipro which is a leading software industry in India.  Azim Premji has a personal wealth of $12.3 billion and according to Forbes; he is currently the third richest of India.  This year he made a grand donation of $1.3 billion which amounts to 10.7 percent of his net worth. The money was donated to Azim Premji Foundation that works to promote education and fund government schools in rural areas.

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2. Asit Koticha

Second in this list, Asit Koticha, is the head of financial services group ASK and has given away 10.4 percent or $14 million of his 130 million net worth. The 25 years old ASK Group has developed expertise in the areas of Equity Research, Asset Management, Financial Planning, and Wealth Advisory under Koticha mentorship. The company’s CSR (corporate social responsibility) arm works in areas of health, education and housing. Over the years, Koticha has supported the construction of 51 schools in Rajkot, setting up blood bank centres in Gujarat through the Life Foundation and building of low cost housing for the underprivileged families in Kajrat.

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Reader's comments(6)
1: most of the people except Mr.Tata donate to save taxes
Posted by:ramangshu - 06 Jan, 2013
2: How to contact such people? I am inventor of WindSolars, Power Stations that would produce cheapest electricity at cost of 10 € per MW for start ad 5€ later, 24/365 without need for backup, on or off Grid. WindSolars built in Skyscrappers could beside electritcity provide food from built in Greenhouses and small lakes, porovide practically free living space or buildings for Faculties, student dormitories, Hospitals, Orphanages, Old people homes etc. where donation would also provide lasting income if just half of electricity sold is used as fund for equipment, salaries and food. Donors also get additional income from which new skyscrappers could be built as necesary, which would also bring jobs and supply of electricity that India need too. Skyscrappers would be returing investment in at most 6 years and be able to work at least 50 years without need for replacement of generators. 100% clean energy would save environment and bring Carbon Credits as well. All transportation could turn electric giving more employmet to citizens of India. Such cheap electricity could be used to produce Water-from-Air on agricultural level for both plants, people and animals and so raise food production also, which is important for Indians, too.
Skyscrappers would be built to withstand strongest earthquakes and even Tsunami waves, and extended use of concentrated Sun heat could provide energy for brick and ceramic baking, cement baking, metal melting and pouring factories and of course clean and cheap energy for any industry whose products require energy, where they would become more affordable and bring greater profit as well, which means more sales and bigger production, therefore more jobs also. I also have other inventions that would help to stop Global Warming if applied on mass scale, and recent rising of Indian Ocean has to be stopped unless rice fields in delta of Ganges river be flooded with salty water, and surely You know that 80% of rice in India is produced there.
So, those gentelmen could save the World and India, wich would surely be greatest donation imaginable, with much smaller investment than described in article.
I had friends from India for over 30 years and even married one girl from Kolkata, too, that is why I am more concerned about it than ordinary.
Please pass this message to gentelmans mentioned, perhaps they could be interested to do business and be giving donations at same time. That would save the World as well so their names would be written with letters of Gold in books of History, too.
Regards from Croatia, the homeland of great Engineer Nikola Tesla!
Marijan Pollak
Posted by:Marijan Pollak - 17 Dec, 2012
3: There is a saying THE MORE YOU GIVE,THE MORE YOU GET. It is very true in Indian context. Generosity to donate also helps tax shelter.
Dr.A.Jagadeesh Nellore(AP),India
Posted by:Anumakonda - 01 Dec, 2012
4: Sairam. While the gross value of their charitable contributions runs into $ millions, the sad fact is that the percent of their income some of them have given to charity borders on the stingy. Comparable billionaires like Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Ted Turner and many others have pledged to give 50% to charity. To call someone giving 1% of income as being generous is pathetic. Sairam.
Posted by:SAI - 01 Dec, 2012
5: also to say generously wealth can never give health.its automatically passes away like clouds when the period comes.
Posted by:p r baalu - 01 Dec, 2012
6: you proud prominent indians will not speak but your generocity will be written in the history of india
Posted by:p r baalu - 01 Dec, 2012
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