10 Countries with Best Banking Experience

Bangalore: Do you visit banks? Though there are many banks around you but you may choose one among them which provides you both quick services and high level of satisfaction. All over world, banks recorded an average of 65 percent in terms of customer satisfaction, according to the 2012 Retail Banking Voice of the Customer Survey, Capgemini. Based the survey the top 10 countries with best banking experience are reported by Yahoo.com


Turkey is listed number 10 on the customer experience index with 74.6 percent. As of May 2012, there are 48 banks in total, out of which 31 are deposit bank, 13 are development and investment bank and 4 are participation banks.


Germany is listed number 9 on the customer experience index with 74.6 percent. The German banking system relies on three pillars: the public banks, the cooperative banks, and the purely private banks. Germany’s private bank, the Deutsche Bank, is a leading global investment bank.

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