Manufacturing IT Summit 2012 - IT Conference New Delhi

"Manufacturing IT Summit" will kick off an active dialogue among Manufacturing Business leaders. The summit will be an ideal platform for eminent leaders from manufacturing industry to meet and discuss the Information Technology Trends for today and tomorrow.

The Manufacturing IT Summit is the premier event for technology leaders and innovative thinkers, specifically CIOs, in the manufacturing industry. The summit's strategic agenda is designed to maximize efficiency and offer unique insight into present and future challenges facing CIOs in the industry.

Here at this summit, experience & knowledge sharing will be the key attraction as the experts & manufacturers will contemplate about the Technology trends, future opportunities, IT challenges faced and share their expertise, experience and innovation to optimize the growth of manufacturing businesses. It will help manufacturers to get an insider's view of what's new today and what's coming over the next.

This summit is a closed door invite only summit, which will provide a dynamic forum like no other, with room for lively conversations and penetrating questions on IT in manufacturing business, strategy, innovation and opportunities. Manufacturing IT Summit 2012, will bring in 60 + IT decision makers from largest Manufacturing companies actively seeking new solutions & services for their upcoming and existing projects.