CIO Strategic Summit March 2013 - Chennai - CIO Leadership Forum - CIO Conference


CIOs are now viewed as the vital link in their company between the onrush of new technologies and the crushing need for new business strategies. It has become imperative for a CIO to redesign and restructure their organization from centralized tech to a company-wide service bureau.

Today, the role of the CIO has fundamentally changed as he plays a key role in setting the strategy and its execution for the organization. The primary objective of today's CIOs is to infuse themselves in the business by becoming a part of the company's business, management, and leadership teams along with setting up the latest technology infrastructures required for smooth running of the organization's activities.

CIO Strategy Summit offers an interactive, workshop-centric experience to exchange ideas and receive actionable guidance from prominent CIOs from reputed organizations. The summit helps the IT executives identify the strengths and weaknesses prevailing in the contemporary IT sector and focuses where the most effort and energy needs to be catered in order to improve the overall performance.