CEO Conclave
This is an close-door exclusive forum for CEOs and Managing Directors of IT companies. The CEO Conclave will facilitate an informal discussion amongst the senior management about the best practices of building technology companies in India, what works, what doesn't work, potential pitfalls and other challenges. This will also be an opportunity for you to network with yours peers in the industry and exchange notes.They delve into candid, solution- seeking discussions focused on CEO-level issues - the challenges and pressures unique to top-level management.

In today's rapidly changing market, CEOs are facing difficult decisions. With the economy showing signs of rebound the following questions are being asked: Where are the new opportunities in 2011? Who are the rising stars? How do we maximize partnership opportunities and properly position ourselves to take advantage of the growth market? What are the disruptive technologies on the horizon? Come find out at SiliconIndia CEO Roundtable.
The CEO roundtable will also delve on key issues affecting the technology industry, including:
  • Where the IT industry is headed in 2011
  • The breakthrough technologies driving adoption
  • How corporations are working with start-ups
  • The outlook for the IPO and M&A markets
Confirmed guests
  1. Abey Zachariah, VP-BD, Red Bus
  2. Abhinav Jain, Co-Founder & Director, Alitum Management Solutions
  3. Abhishek Bharadwaj, Founder
  4. Affan Yesvi, CEO, Elle Aar Group
  5. Afzal Sheriff, CEO, Sherrys Corp
  6. Ajay Mohan, MD, D Parv Technosoft
  7. Ajayakumar CB, CEO, ACCESS-Quality Engineering
  8. Ajith T Kumar, MD & CEO, Phoibos Energy Technologies
  9. Akhilesh Singh, CEO & Founder, Fermi Systems and Solutions
  10. Akshay Kinger, Co-Founder, Mpigeon
  11. Akthar AN, Director, Innoan Technologies
  12. Alok Bhardwaj, CEO, Hidden Reflex
  13. Amarpreet Kalkat, Co-founder & Chief Technologist, Ciafo
  14. Ameet Patil, Co-Founder, Spundhan Softwares
  15. Amish Patel, Founder, Spealth Flash
  16. Amit Mathur, CEO, Vector Brook
  17. Amuthukkiniyavel, AVP, Cranes Software
  18. Amzad Khan, Director, Innovative Infra Engineering
  19. Anand Rao, CEO, Pappilon Software Solution
  20. Ananda Theertha Sosale, CEO, Agra Nii Technologies
  21. Anantharam Varayur, MD, Webcom Information Technology
  22. Anant Wadhokar, CEO, Veritech Software Consulting
  23. Anil Kumar, CEO,Customer Square
  24. Anil Kumar, Founder & CEO, Smart Cloud
  25. Anil Kumar, Co-Founder & VP, Pragna Technologies
  26. Anindo Roy,VP, Fair Isaac India
  27. Anselm Rosario, Director, Kairos Waste Management
  28. Aprameya Radhakrishna, Director, Serendipity
  29. Aren Naidoo,AVP, G7 infotech
  30. Ashok , Co-Founder & Director, Zenopsys Technologies
  31. Ashok T, CEO, Stag Software
  32. Ashok Jagathrakshakan, CEO, Azuyo Software Research and Development
  33. Ashvini Saxena, Director, Ayan India Distribution
  34. Asif K Nalakath, Director, Azure IT Solutions
  35. Atul Saran, CEO & Founder, ZESTA Technology
  36. Aveezuddin Mohammed, CEO, Bans India
  37. Babji VS, Sr VP, 3i Infotech
  38. Basavaraj S Patil, Founder and Principal Consultant, Predictive Research LLP
  39. Bharath BS, Director, Zunaa Software
  40. Binu Paala, CEO, 3Leads Consulting Services
  41. Cherian Kurivala, Managing Partner, Mentor Square
  42. Chethan Raj, CEO, People Tree
  43. Chidambaresh Suganahaalli, Director, Mylowfare
  44. Darshan Dwarkanath, CEO, Tesseract Technologies
  45. Dasharatham Bitla, CEO,
  46. Debajit Roy, CEO, WoodApple UnikSolutionz
  47. Deepak Ramachandran, CEO, Source N
  48. Deepu Chandran, Director, Innomantra
  49. Devang Dhandhania, CEO, Naukri Easy
  50. Dhakad Surendra Singh, Proprietor, Solar India
  51. Dhanashree Sandu, CEO, Talent Mat
  52. Dharmendra Kumar, Founder & CEO, Gyanica Infotech
  53. Dilip Kumar, Founder, Inolyst
  54. Dinesh Kumar, Sr Vice President, Info Edge India
  55. Divyabh, CEO, Qualified Link Technologies
  56. Enosh Wilson, Founder & Creative Director,Creatives that work
  57. Feroz Manzoor, Founder and CEO, Ntrois Technologies
  58. Franklin A, Founder,
  59. Gandharv S Bakshi, Director & Co-founder, Alitum Solutions
  60. Ganesh K, Director, Intecminds
  61. Ganesh BL, CEO, Sci Square
  62. Ganesh Subramaanian, Director Sales, Jamcracker
  63. Gaurav Johri, VP, Mind Tree
  64. Gauri Proprietor, Enspire Technologies
  65. Girish Hukkeri, CEO, Embryo Fund
  66. Girish S Shah, Proprietor, Hue Blinds
  67. Govindarajan Viswanathan, CEO, Aspect Ratio Engineering Services
  68. Govindaraju K, Director, Silverage Technologies
  69. Gujr MN, Founder, Health G
  70. Gupta, PB VP - ES Aayur Technology Solution
  71. Gurpreet Singh, CEO, DEFTeam Solutions
  72. Guru Moorthy, Founder & CEO, Mobisir Technologies
  73. Haresh Chugani, Founder, Idea Generation Stage
  74. Hari Rastogi, CEO, Excelan Consultancy
  75. Haricharan Mylaraiah, CEO, Ideas Software
  76. Hariharan MP, Chief Thinker, Thinxworks Pictures
  77. Harikrishna Maram, CMD, Vision India & Imperial Colleges Group
  78. Harish Kumar, Managing Partner, Wenger & Watson Inc
  79. Harish M Kumar, CEO, Semgel Technologies
  80. Harsha Konduri, CEO, Vipashyin Labs
  81. Hemant Soneji, Co-Founder, Brisa Technologies
  82. Ilangovan, Angaiah Director, Consun Energy Solutions
  83. Jacintha Jayachandran, Managing Partner, Transcendix
  84. Jagadish, CEO, Embeete Consultancy
  85. Jagan ,Head, relation India Birlasoft
  86. Jagannath K Rao, Director, Grow-Z Software Solution
  87. Jayachandran B, Director, ESecurityAudit
  88. Jayant K Tewari, CEO, Out-Sourced CFO & Business Advisory Services
  89. Jayaraj Shankar, Director, Enteleki Solutions
  90. Jayesh, CEO, Ideaken
  91. Jiten Sadhu, CEO, Talent Mat
  92. Joe Meppurathu, Director, Tyrus Technologies
  93. Joshua Rozario, Co-Founder, Creatives that work
  94. Jude Ramayya, CEO, Impiger Technologies
  95. Kalpana p, Heblekar, Proprietor Handikrafts
  96. Kalyan Kolachala, CEO & Managing Director, SOA Matrix
  97. Kannan P, Director, Procyon TechSolutions
  98. Karthik Tantri, Director & Co-founder, Rare Pixel Technologies
  99. Kavita Poddar, Founder & Director, Patracode Services
  100. Krithika Muthukrishnan, Founder, New Rubric Solutions
  101. Karthikeyan KB, MD & CEO, Navomedia Creative Techno
  102. Kartikey Sharma, Fonuder & CEO, 3Leads Consulting Services
  103. Kichu Anan, Vice President, Infosys
  104. Kirtivasan Ramamoorthy, VP, Airsonic Travels
  105. Krishna Kumar, President & CEO, Crop Ex Technology Solutions
  106. Kshitij Minglani, Co-Founder, Homebuy360
  107. Kumar VM, CMO, Microland
  108. Lakshmi, Director, Centris Infotech Services
  109. Lalit Patel, Director, Bit Rhymes
  110. Laxman Marpalle, MD & CEO, Southstar Technology Solutions
  111. Loganathan Sakthisivavelan, Head-Business development, 3Sinfotech
  112. Lokesh P, Director- Operations, Innovative Infra Engineering
  113. Lokesh V, CEO & Sr Adviser, Innomantra
  114. Madan Pandit, CEO, TAS-Information Intelligence
  115. Madhusudhan CS, CEO, Effimed Research
  116. Mahesh Burukule, Director, Indus Software
  117. Mahesh Kumar, CEO ,
  118. Mahesh Devarakonda, Director & Founder, Chataka Technology Solutions
  119. Mahesh, Managing partner, Titans
  120. Mallika Goud, Head-Business Development & Director, SK Web Clinical
  121. Manjunath Hadli, Co-Founder, Spundhan Softwares
  122. Manik Kinra, Co Founder & CMO, Jademagnet
  123. Manoj Patel, Director, Mobi Track
  124. Mathew M Easow, CEO, Eduquer Learning Solutions
  125. Mayank Gandhi, Director, Mind Maze Info Technologies
  126. Milind Naik, CEO, Pappilon Software Solution
  127. Mohammed Hussain, CEO & MD, Safas Technologies
  128. Mohan Bangaruswamy, CEO, Shangrila Management
  129. Momin, CEO, IntaGlio
  130. Murali Nagarajan, Director, Engineering Ametek
  131. Murali Srinivasa, Co-Founder & CEO, Li2-Technologies
  132. Murtuza Nagaria, Director, IT Mines
  133. Nagabhushana Reddy, Founder & CEO, Chinthala Group
  134. Nagaraj G, CEO, HANU Consultants
  135. Nageswara K Rao, VP Operations, Centre Head Atlas Systems
  136. Nandini Mansinghka, Managing Partner, Lakshya Consulting
  137. Narayan Giridhar, Entrepreneur, Emedia Solutions
  138. Naveen Bannur, Vice President- Presales & Marketing, Span Infotech
  139. Naveen Kulkarni, Director - Business Development, Philips Electronics India
  140. Neelima, Chakara Assistant Director, Eygbs
  141. Nishant Soni, CEO, Review Gist com
  142. Nishant Sarawgi, Sr Business Development Consultant, InnoVersant Solution
  143. Nitin Bhadauria, Director, Alitum Solutions
  144. Omer Faiyaz, CEO, Remo Software
  145. Pal BN, VP, HCL Technologies
  146. Pallav Nadhani, Founder, Fushionchart
  147. Palani K, Director-Finance, Innovative Infra Engineering
  148. Phaneendra, Director, Quadforce Technology
  149. Pinkesh Shah, CEO, Adaptive Marketing
  150. Pradeep CS, Director, Lucid IT Solutions
  151. Pradeep Reddy Vundyala, Founder, Startups World
  152. Pradeep Janakiraman, Head- Offshore Service Delivery, Zylog Systems
  153. Prafulla Kumar, Director- IT Operations, EL techinventio Solutions
  154. Prashant Mitta, MD, EL techinventio Solutions
  155. Prashanth Honnavalli, VP - Engineering, Altus
  156. Prashanth Prahalad, MD, Scalers & Victors
  157. Prashanth C, Director, Enspire Technologies
  158. Pratik Singhi, CEO, Lakshya Consulting
  159. Preetham VV, Founder, Quantama
  160. Priyadarshan, JM Director, Vi-Tele Techz one
  161. Rafi Ali Khan, Director, Zool Technologies
  162. Rafi Ali Khan, Director-Operations, Zool
  163. Raghav R, Chairman & Co-Founder, E-Forea
  164. Raghunandan G, Foundre & Director, Serendipity
  165. Raghuram Panyam, VP, Arken Solutions
  166. Raj C Thiagarajan, MD, Atoa Scientific Technology
  167. Raja Nagendra Kumar, CEO , Teja Soft Innovations
  168. Raja Kommu, Co-founder, ApnaComplex
  169. Rajendra SH Kumar, Partner, MiddlePath IT Solutions
  170. Rajesh Thiagarajan ,Co-founder, BrioTribes
  171. Rajesh Manpat, CEO, IFuture Systems
  172. Rajesh Ramasubbu, Founder, Upakarana Automation Solutions
  173. Rajeev Kumar, CEO, BlueLotus Capital Advisors
  174. Rajshekar Sipoy, CEO, BCITS
  175. Rakesh Babu, Co-Founder & Chief Adviser, Innomantra Consulting
  176. Rakesh Revannasiddiah, Executive Director, Customer Square
  177. Rakesh Sud, Director, Acharya Center of Management Consultancy
  178. Ram G Kumar, CEO, Aruntec
  179. Ramakant Dash, Founder & MD, Fone Ineed
  180. Ramakrishna Patel, Head Operations, E Zinfotek
  181. Ramakrishnamoorthy Venkatasubbu, COO, Impiger Technologies
  182. Raman RV, General Manager, Sling Media
  183. Ramkumar Venkatasubramanian, CEO, Xenarcs Software Solution
  184. Rangarajan P, CEO, Appnomic Systems
  185. Ranjay Sarda, Head, - Business Development Transcendix
  186. Ranjan Banerjee, Co-founder, Uniapply
  187. Rashmi Ranjan Padhy, CEO & Co-Founder, Zumali
  188. Rathnakumar Kayyar, CEO - CO Founder, litecore
  189. Ravi Shankar Swamy, CEO, Siri Computer House
  190. Ravi Shankar, Founder, Nikshepa
  191. Ravindra Chandrashekar, CEO, Bathudun Consulting
  192. Ritheesh Shetty, CEO, Prededence Technologies
  193. Robert A Kingsly, CEO, Sydaap Technologies
  194. Romald J , Furtado CEO ,Prime Entertainers
  195. Runa Desai Dalal, Co-Founder & Partner, Agama Consulting
  196. Sainath Gupta, CEO, Bajarangs Industry
  197. Sajith Kumar, AVP - Business Development, Canvasm
  198. Saket Namdeo, Co-Founder, Schooldy
  199. Sameer Panjwani, CEO, Maximizer E-Services
  200. San Raman, Director - Design Tools & Methodology,Semiconductor LSI India R&D
  201. Sandeep Senan, Founder, Evobi
  202. Sandeep Viswanath, CEO, RAAS Group
  203. Sanjay Aggarwal, CEO, Unicel Technologies
  204. Santhosh Nair, Director, Revita Technologies
  205. Sasikanth, CEO & Founder, Access STB Labs
  206. Sasikanth S, Centris, Infotech Services
  207. Sasikumar, CEO, Wavelet Software
  208. Satchidananda SS, Director, Srichid Global Micro Finance Foundation
  209. Sastradhar ReddyPunuru, CEO, MedPac Systems
  210. Sitashwa Srivastava, Co-founder & CEO, Jade Magnet
  211. Satish Gopal, VP, Thrikasa Software Solution
  212. Sekhar B Rao, Founder & CEO, Emoconnect
  213. Selva J kumar, MD, Bhodi Solutions
  214. Shankarnarayanan Ramakrishnan, CEO ,Shreyas Tech Solutions
  215. Shekar Anand, VP, Cache Technologies & Communications
  216. Shilpa More, Director, Ayan India Distribution
  217. Shreedhar Bhat, Business Head, World Vision Softek
  218. Sibasish Mishra, MD, Aurva Infotech
  219. Siddharth Sarawgi, CEO & Director, InnoVersant Solution
  220. Simran Gambhir, Director, Actio Consulting
  221. Sreenath M, Founder, 6Science
  222. Sri Harsha HS, MD & CEO, 3GTEK
  223. Solomon Suresh, AVP, Software Paradigms Infotech
  224. Soorya KN, Director, Gumbi Software
  225. Sougata Pal, Founder & Lead Architect, Techunits
  226. Sourav Sipani, Co-Founder, SSQR Software Technologies
  227. Sreenath N, CEO & FOUNDER, Insight Logix
  228. Sreenath, V G Director, Quadforce Technology
  229. Srihari Prahalad, MD, Scalers & Victors
  230. Srikanth Narayanam, CEO, The Anek
  231. Sriman, Founder, Paripoorna
  232. Srinivas Bikkina, Country HR Leader, AT & T GBS India
  233. Srinivasulu G Reddy ,CEO,
  234. Sudhindra T Kumara, Founder, VTSK Solutions
  235. Sujith Krishnan, CEO ,SK Web Clinical
  236. Suhas Shetiya, Founder, Gamma Porite Electrotech
  237. Sujata Virdhe, Managing Partner, L Green Ventures
  238. Sumathy , Director, Webcom Information Technology
  239. Sumeet Anand, CEO & Founder, I-nable solutions
  240. Sumit Mehra CEO, Y Media Labs
  241. Sundat Kasimani, Chief Executive, Srivatsan Embedded System & Technologies
  242. Sunder Rao, CEO ,IMS
  243. Sunil Rao, Director, IT Source
  244. Sunil Naik, Director, Dhruv Technology Solution
  245. Surabhi Tomar, Director, Copper Spiral RFID
  246. Surabhi Tomar, Director, CopperSpiral RFID
  247. Surjya Sahoo, Director, Emedia Solutions
  248. Syed Mohamed A, Founder & CEO, SecWill Technologies
  249. Thomas Jacob, Director, OTC
  250. Tridiv Das, Founder & CEO, Creative factor
  251. Uma Mahesh S, Founder, Indrion
  252. Vaibhav Tandon, VP, Naukri Easy
  253. Vaibhav Tewari, CEO, Open2Save
  254. Varoun P, Founder, Grok Logs
  255. Veena Kumar, Managing Partner, Transcendix
  256. Venkat Ramshet, Founder, Pandure
  257. Venugopal Sathyanarayana, Founder & CEO, Vengo Ventures
  258. Venugopal Balakrishnan, Vice President, Icand
  259. Vibhakar Bhushan, Director, Trignon Business Consulting
  260. Vignesh Rajaram, Founder, Software Automation Reseasearch
  261. Vijayashankar SM, Founder & CEO, Sharon Software Systems
  262. Vijayashankar, NA, Founder Naavi
  263. Vijay Parthasarathy, President, Asia Pac Ops Mast Mobile Media
  264. Vikas Agarwal, CEO, XPT Consultancy & Software
  265. Vikas SN, Editor-in-Chief, Techknots
  266. Vikram, CEO, IonLab
  267. Vinayak Rajanahally, Director, Ibasis
  268. Vinayak Mitty, Founder Member, Srishti
  269. Vineet Jain, CEO ,Blue Rose Technologies
  270. Vinit Bhansali, MD, Copper Spiral RFID
  271. Vinnie Reddy CEO BlueGiant Interactive
  272. Vinod Thomas, Co-Founder and Director, Maple Code
  273. Vishal Borker, CEO & Founder, Next BiT Computing
  274. Vishwa Kayargadde, Founder & CEO, Saankhya Labs
  275. Vittal K Shetty, CEO, Kohimavittal Financials
  276. Vivekananda Dimbam, Director, ChoreE Research & Technotr
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