Pradeep Vajram
By Pradeep Vajram - President and CEO, SmartPlay
Design service providers of industry are experiencing a spurt of opportunities with chipset vendors and systems providers...  more>>
Samir patel
By Samir Patel - CEO , Sankalp Semiconductor
As designs in semiconductor and electronics systems industry are getting more and more complex due to convergence of...  more>>
Naveed Sherwani
By Naveed Sherwani - President and CEO, Open-Silicon
A good semiconductor company is one that delivers several blends of products and services to its customers and does it...  more>>
Sundar Iyer
By Sundar Iyer - CEO, Memoir Systems
Historically, circuits and advances in lithography have been used in every generation as the approach to enhance SOC...  more>>
Steve Sanghi
By Steve Sanghi - CEO , Microchip Technology Inc.
Steve Sanghi, CEO of Microchip Technology Inc. (NASDAQ: MCHP), just announced a new family of microcontrollers (MCUs)- the...  more>>