AppDynamics: Instrumentation & Analytics for Modern Applications

Applications today are rapidly becoming more and more complex, distributed and dynamic, and managing them is more difficult than ever. Application owners need a product that can solve the difficult problems facing modern application architectures while being easy, simple and intuitive to use.

Enter AppDynamics, a provider of instrumentation and analytics software for modern software applications. AppDynamics is designed to provide visibility into the world's largest and most complex applications, allowing businesses to troubleshoot issues, analyze trends and improve the performance of their applications in real time.

The Vision
Jyoti founded AppDynamics in 2008 with the goal of redefining how modern businesses build, manage and analyze their applications. In order to achieve that, Jyoti would have to do three things:
1.Build a product that is powerful enough to solve the most complex problems facing modern applications today and in the future.
2.Create a user experience to rival the
best consumer software applications.
3.Power it with a disruptive sales model.

"Long-term, sustainable growth doesn't come from a single product-it comes from culture," said Jyoti. In order to build the next great software company, he reasoned, he needed to first build a culture to support that growth-a culture that's open and engaging for its employees. Jyoti has instilled this culture in AppDynamics from day 1.

The future is full of possibility for AppDynamics. "Very few businesses realize how much valuable information is locked in their application code," said Jyoti. "By instrumenting every line of code in your business, you have a window into what's going on in your business in real time. The possibilities for how you can use that data are endless."

Jyoti Bansal
Jyoti Bansal
CEO , AppDynamics
Based in San Francisco, CA, AppDynamics focuses on managing the performance and availabilty of applications across cloud computing environments as well as inside the data center. the company currently supports Java, .NET and PHP applications........