Sunil Mathur
By Sunil Mathur - President & CEO , U.S. Interactive Corp
Companies across the globe are racing to adapt to newer technologies that have become the industry norm today. They...  more>>
Kalpa Shah
By Kalpa Shah - Executive VP , Invensys Skelta
Business processes and business process management techniques are becoming accepted but the interpretation is different....  more>>
Venu Myneni
By Venu Myneni - CEO, Radiant Systems
The IT industry is always in a state of constant evolution. The grunt of this is felt by the IT vendors who need to...  more>>
Tel K. Ganesan
By Tel K. Ganesan - President & CEO, Kyyba
Modern organizations struggle with staffing challenges stemming from increased knowledge work, labor shortages,...  more>>
Mohit Vij
By Mohit Vij - CEO, General Informatics
While majority of firms created by Indian entrepreneurs are technology centric, Mohit founded General Informatics to be a...  more>>
Rajesh C. Subramaniam
By Rajesh C. Subramaniam - CEO , Embedur Systems
Embedded technology is evolving rapidly. At the blink of an eye, there is a faster chipset, a smarter CPU and greater...  more>>
Manu Mehta
By Manu Mehta - President, Cogent Infotech Corp
COGENT (Latin for powerful, compelling, pertinent) is a national, award winning firm specializing in providing consulting,...  more>>
Sameer Penakalapati
By Sameer Penakalapati - President & CEO, Avani
The lesson today for CIOs is that there is no need to purchase a major suite of package software when only a small part of...  more>>
Dhiraj Shah
By Dhiraj Shah - President & CEO, Avaap Inc
We are in the midst of the next big technology wave. Cloud, big data, social, and mobile are at the forefront of this...  more>>
Jyoti Bansal
By Jyoti Bansal - CEO , AppDynamics
Applications today are rapidly becoming more and more complex, distributed and dynamic, and managing them is more...  more>>
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