Vedant Pathak
By Vedant Pathak - Founder & CEO, APN Consulting
The staffing industry caters to employment needs of individuals on a temporary, contract, and permanent basis into firms...  more>>
Thiru Thangarathinam
By Thiru Thangarathinam - CEO, MST Solutions
Customer Relationship Management is leading all enterprise software categories in projected growth and enterprises are...  more>>
Sarvesh Mahesh
By Sarvesh Mahesh - CEO, Tavant Technologies
The process of supporting global companies with a broader IT strategy often involves planning and integration work in the...  more>>
Raj Nath
By Raj Nath - CEO & President, NathCorp
NathCorp is an IT Consulting Company which works with Enterprise Customers in USA. It is a Microsoft Gold Certified...  more>>
Vijay Garg
By Vijay Garg - CEO, The Principal Consulting
Risks and issues are part of any and every major IT transformation project. When put this in perspective of large...  more>>
Sonny Gupta
By Sonny Gupta - President & CEO, Maintec Technologies
Maintec Technologies provides a range of services such as data center management, IT staffing, including the popular Hire...  more>>
Naren Thota
By Naren Thota - President, Infosemantics
"Boutique"-till late 90s this word was associated with specialized elite fashion shops. In those days customer...  more>>
TG Ramesh
By Tg Ramesh - CEO, CSS Corp
There is a need for enterprises to optimize complex IT landscapes to create, manage and secure virtual environments....  more>>
Dharani Ramamoorthy
By Dharani Ramamoorthy - CEO, Xylo Technologies
The United States has the most advanced information technology services industry in the world. There are more than 100,000...  more>>
Kameshwar Eranki
By Kameshwar Eranki - CEO , VajraSoft
Intellectual Property (IP) management is a rather complex service and the industry is facing several criticalities such as...  more>>
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