Stallion College For Engineering Technology, Mumbai

The ideal engineer is a composite ...He is not a scientist, he is not a mathematician, he is not a sociologist or a writer; but he may use the knowledge and techniques of any or all of these disciplines in solving engineering problems. ---N. W. Dougherty
Stallion believes in the statement and follows it. Established by a team of Educationists, IT Professionals, and world class Business Managers it has attempted to bring together a collective total of several centuries of experience – all for the benefit of our would-be students. Surrounded by a serene atmosphere and lush green environment, the 20 ? acres, the Wi-Fi campus of Stallion College for Engineering & Technology offers B.Tech. in Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science Engineering, Electronics & Communication Engineering and Electrical engineering with a capacity of 60 seats each.
At Stallion a student will avail of all the facilities a student of engineering and technology should expect. The central library of the campus is equipped with more than 10,000 books including e-journals, magazines etc; in addition to this, students will have access to latest advancements in knowledge through the internet facility provided in the P.C.’s installed there.
The large windows, ample provision for lighting, modern furniture and teaching aids, white boards etc. make the spacious class-rooms an ideal place for imparting education as well as grasping it. The labs in all departments are designed and furnished with latest and hi-tech instruments and workshop consists of all the machines required for the students for workshop practice.
As a college for engineering studies, we strive to establish ourselves as a center for learning that enriches the life of a student not only in terms of education but also in terms of his/her personality. It is our motto to prepare technocrats who will lead the country to heights unparalleled. To this end, Stallion is determined to inculcate in them an understanding of national culture and human values. Besides, a state-of the-art infrastructure and a highly qualified and experienced faculty that includes IIT alumni dedicated to the welfare and all round development of the students make us stand apart as a college that would nurture talent.

Courses Offered :

1. B. Tech in Civil Engineering
2. B. Tech in Computer Science Engineering
3. B. Tech in Electronics & Communication Engineering
4. B. Tech in Electrical Engineering
5. B. Tech in Mechanical Engineering