Ramrao Adik Institute of Technology (RAIT), Navi Mumbai

Establishment: 1983

About Us:

The Ramrao Adik Institute of Technology(RAIT), is a premier institution, holding pride of place among all the institutions in the group as well as all the technical institutes in the state. It was established in 1983 to promote excellence in technology and for nurturing smart engineering talent. It is located in the D.Y. Patil Vidyanagari campus at Nerul,close to the Mumbai-Pune Express Highway. It is housed in a spacious building surrounded by the breathtaking view of the velvety lawns and the verdant gardens in the well maintained sprawling campus.
Ramrao Adik Institute of Technology(RAIT)is affiliated to the Mumbai University. It is approved by the ALL INDIA COUNCIL FOR TECHNICAL EDUCATION (AICTE),a statutory body of the Government Of India. RAIT is an 'A' grade college approved by the Government Of Maharashtra.

Mission and Goals:
Like all institutions that aspire to reach higher, we too have a mission. Our mission is to provide Quality Education through the use of State of Art Technology and Infrastructure . We also seek to provide a strong grounding in techno-education by emphasising on proper training in the various academic disciplines. We also believe in inculcating within our students, a certain professional competence that can enable them to grow through further research and academic programmes. Our institution has not restricted itself to promoting only technology related skills. It has actively encouraged the faculty,staff and students to participate in social and cultural activities that can add one more dimension to their personalities.They are also encouraged to enhance and hone their skills at every step through seminars, presentations,workshops,industrial tours, industrial visits,exhibitions etc.
Our mission is also to support our faculty in their Research Programmes and their quest for higher education since this adds value to the institution as a place of learning.We also strive to support the institute's research activity and consultancy in various departments along with the Postgraduation and Doctorate programs.

Course Offered:


Placement Cell:

AtRamrao Adik Institute of Technology(RAIT)the students are nurtured such that they develop the roots to remain well grounded ; yet they are also taught to develop their wings in order to fulfill their dreams to conquer new horizons. This is a paradoxical combination which has led to great success stories. These success stories have been possible due to the active role played by the placement cell of the institution. The college has always had a career development system in place and finding the right job for the right person has been a major priority. The results of this consistent effort can be seen in the number of recruitments that take place fromRamrao Adik Institute of Technology(RAIT). It has the highest number of campus recruitments in the Mumbai region excluding IIT. Recent years have seen nearly 80% of our students placed in reputed MNCs at the highest starting salaries. Our students also tend to get the best feedback from their employers.
While getting employment is primarily the responsibility of the student, atRamrao Adik Institute of Technology(RAIT), opportunities are provided to the students through training tools and guidance. The Training and Placement Office provides active assistance in researching prospective employers and in the interviewing, resume creation, and networking skills that are essential to making the best match. It is a matter of immense pleasure and pride that our students are able to make a choice of employment even before they graduate.
Students begin working with the Training and Placement Office in their Pre-final year at the college. They take advantage of career development offerings such as workshops on how to present oneself, self assessment exercises that help them understand their strengths and weaknesses. They also undergo career counseling sessions.
The Training and Placement Office also has substantial resources for researching companies. Its corporate e source center maintains an impressive collection of electronic business databases and other resources. The office also has a worldwide database ofRamrao Adik Institute of Technology(RAIT)graduates in every industry and geographical location. The placement office also maintains resume books for current students.