G.L.N.A. Institute of Technology, Mathura

Establishment: 2008

About Us:

G.L.N.A. Institute of Technologystrictly believes in survival of the fittest and for this very reason, it gears-up the students as per the current demands of the market besides preparing them for the end-term examinations. Value-added grooming programmes are organized for the students to make them productive from day one of joining the industry. Every effort is made to help each student passing out of the Institute to get placement as per his/ her performance, aptitude and ability. The GLA Group enjoys unwavering patronage of eminent academicians, authors as well as industry honchos. This, in turn, will prove advantageous to our students in finding suitable employment opportunities.

G.L.N.A. Institute of Technologytry to ensure that our students achieve excellent results whether it is regarding their performance, dealing with the customers, interacting with people or being responsible towards society through leadership driving policies and strategies.

G.L.N.A. Institute of Technologysincerely believe in four factors which make or mar any organization - People, Partnerships, Resources and Processes.

G.L.N.A. Institute of Technologyboasts of a number of state-of-the-art laboratories, where the students learn the skills of programming and developing softwares. The students get a hands-on practice on the different facets of computing. We have the latest configuration computers with high speed data processing in LAN & WAN environment supported by the Client-Server computing facility.

Great emphasis is also put in the GLA Group on final year projects of all the four courses by implementing the new and advanced technologies as per the needs of industries. Personality development programmes are continuously arranged for the overall development of students. Experts from all corners of the country are invited to train our students to make them well suited to the requirements of reputed national & multinational companies/industries.


To be recognized as an acknowledged center of academic excellence, in the disparate fields of professional education, by all stake-holders.

  1. To impart world class quality education at undergraduate and postgraduate levels in the disparate fields of professional education and eventually to conduct Research and Development and offer Consultancy Services, in the said fields, as per contemporary needs.
  2. To improve continuously the quality of teaching-learning process and to prepare professionals to meet the eve- changing demands in time and space.
  3. To strive steadily for the overall growth and development of intellect and personality of the students who, as professionals, would be confident to face the challenges of the world of work.
  4. To empower the faculty and staff for carrying out all their endeavors with a studentcentric focus
  5. To be an ever-learning institution, receptive and responsive to corporate, professional and social obligations.
Course Offered:


Placement Cell:

It is very significant for the students to be ably counseled and guided for their career options. The Training and Placement Department of GLA Group is self-sustaining and focused, working incessantly to help the students in getting their dream jobs.

The Training and Placement Department works relentlessly towards the ultimate goal of students' employment across various industries, or to help them begin a business venture in which they can achieve phenomenal success. The Department organizes activities and workshops on a regular basis that enable students to be effective team leaders as well as team players.

The Department consists of eminent Professors and Professionals with proven track records in academia & industry. The association of these experts from industry brings along with them, the corporate culture, influential patronage and closelyknit relationships, thoroughly woven with industry. With many firsts to its credit and an impeccable record to boast of, the T & P Department works round-the-clock to ensure that the students of the Group get placed in reputed MNCs, on lucrative terms, across various industries.

The Department is operated with a twin-fold focus, i.e., augmenting internal competencies by contemporary grooming of students and by enabling industry to identify and absorb intellectuals with requisite technical & managerial skills.

The Department is continuously striving for 100% Training and Placement of students in renowned and apposite organisations. This is coupled with providing them assistance in getting summer trainings and projects, as a part of their curricula, in various companies on favorable terms (including such facilities as stipends). Also, the Department inculcates necessary entrepreneurial skills in the students so that they can begin a business venture if they are capable of doing so. Such students are given the necessary training and guidance for this purpose.

The staunch corporate patronage which the Group enjoys, and which separates it from its contemporaries, originates from its unequivocal focus to produce world class technocrats & managers for which the regular corporate interactions weave the thread.

On an average, more than 50 guest sessions from various spectra of industry feature in every semester thus enabling students to grapple with the real-life industry situations and real-time information thereby helping them in academic learning. These exposures make the students ready and mature enough to discharge their duties diligently in the organization where they would be employed in future.

The T & P Department arranges regular industrial visits for the students. These industrial visits are crucial for understanding and imbibing the culture of the industry where the students would associate their academic inputs with the Industry objectively in future.

We understand very well that to remain ahead of competition we need to differentiate on various bases, placement, by far, is the most significant aspect of such a differentiation because it also highlights the employability factor of the students which, in turn, proves that we not only commit to excel but work with all our passion and zeal to make it fructify.