E Cube Global College, Mumbai

To offer the first year of the Bachelor’s of Computing Science, Mechanical and Electronic Engineering in India and easy access to the second year of the corresponding course at Newcastle University (UK), is the crux of ECube Global’s twinning programme. Armed with a degree of global repute, awarded by the University, our students will be on an even keel with the cream of the industry in their respective fields.
The college provides Twinning Programmes, which cover similar material to the first year degree courses in these subjects at Newcastle University, (UK). Newcastle University has assisted in the development of these courses and recognises the ECube Global certification as a suitable qualification for direct admission to the second year of the corresponding degree programmes. The University provides support to the ECube Global Programmes and helps maintain quality standards. It is also anticipated that the Twinning Programmes will be recognised for advanced entry by other high-ranking universities in the UK and in other countries.
The USP of the college is that it allows Indian students to travel abroad in groups. In the second year, the entire batch travels together and so the students are secure in the company of their peers even when far away from home. The students are also housed together in pairs so that they are comfortable during their stay at the University and can concentrate better on their courses.


1. Computing Science
2. Electronic Engineering
3. Mechanical Engineering