Bearys Institute Of Technology is an engineering college that provides outstanding opportunities for higher learning. Founded by the Bearys Group under the aegis of Bearys Academy of Learning, Bearys Institute Of Technology is an institution with a difference.
We believe our location and strong environmental orientation are
as much part of the learning experience as the courses and
academic programs we offer.

At Bearys Institute Of Technology, education is complete. We have a well qualified faculty from across India and abroad, top–of–the–line facilities and a talented student body that will grow in numbers with every passing year. Our courses are market appropriate and job oriented. Research is given high priority and tightly woven into the curriculum. Leveraging the extensive Bearys business network and that of our faculty, we give our students a local-global perspectives well as exposure to industry-academia interaction eventually, leading to lucrative, well-matched job prospects on graduation.

To make learning accessible, Bearys Institute Of Technology offers superior residential facilities for men and women equipped with all amenities for student comfort. Recreation and sport areas are provided to enhance student interaction outside the classrooms and increase physical fitness.

Bearys Institute Of Technology is a young and dynamically evolving institution. It does not have
a history but it is future ready. Energised by the contemporary education needs of demanding young people, BIT is a progressive college that moulds successful professionals and committed leaders
for the 21st century.

Our Vision :

To be a world-class engineering institution that nurtures leaders in every field of technology and groom knowledgeable men and women who can significantly contribute to a progressive, peaceful and greener world.

Clarity of Mind+Purity of Heart :

Our Motto reflects a perfectly balanced, powerful set of beliefs that will help BIT realise its vision. The first half - Clarity of Mind – exemplifies qualities of the Mind that we endeavour to instill. Through strategic courses and clearly outlined programs, we will groom focused professional and clear sighted leaders of industry.

That’s just half of what we aim to accomplish at Bearys Institute Of Technology.

The other equally important component is - Purity of Heart. We aim to inculcate in each student a responsibility towards upholding values of honesty/integrity, respecting and protecting nature and servicing the weak and disadvantaged.

We believe our students must approach their tasks with both - clear minds and good hearts. Such an attitude will lead to a ‘complete education’ that transforms exceptional professionals into committed and responsible citizens of the world.

Courses offered By Bearys Institute Of Technology :

B.Tech : Civil Engineering
B.Tech : Electronic & Communications Engineering
B.Tech : Information Science & Engineering
B.Tech : Computer Science & Engineering
B.Tech : Mechanical Engineering