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Graphene Semiconductor Services Pvt. Ltd

Graphene Semiconductor Services Pvt. Ltd

About the Company

Graphene Semiconductors was born out of this desire to drive business excellence, in the technology space. There are scores of semiconductor industry support brands in the market, however Graphene caters for integrated support across the product development life cycle such as silicon design, software and hardware services leading to complete solutions, and of course, providing specialized engineering workforce for all products.

Started by industry veterans who observed the need for an end to end support for the semiconductor industry, the company today has established itself as a preferred partner for technology excellence, shorter lifecycle and world class skills support. Its biggest strength is the extensive experience and intensive skills in all aspects of the semiconductor industry that its founders have. Their experience has given the firm a clear objective- to be a business focused partner to the clients – offer a unique combination of services and solutions that will give them an advantage in the industry.

In the semiconductor industry, that means excellence in time to market strategies for the entire product, and not merely the processes. Graphene today offers complete lifecycle support for the Automotive, Storage, Communication/Consumer and Industrial Electronics with its technology developers as well as domain experts required to sustain it. Supported by a focused team of extremely skilled resources, Graphene has come on a journey with a difference- to be a partner in growth, not merely a products and service vendor. The company supports the end to end needs of this industry, services and solutions for the three key drivers of any product business-

  • The industry that caters to the end-users
  • The technology (building Intellectual property for emerging products) and
  • High end skills for the engineering workforce

Graphene’s holistic view of the industry and its needs, and its ability to meet them, has endowed it with lasting trust from our clients- a commitment of excellence built on a foundation of confidence.

Supported by a focused team of domain experts, Graphene has embarked on a journey with difference- to be a partner in growth, in addition to focus on products and services.


To empower customers to transform their products business into a leadership position in their markets - by offering critical technical solutions and consultancy to realize their products in time and support through their lifecycle.

Mission Statement

Be the premier organization offering comprehensive solutions for product development through an eco-system of three-in-one (TIO) service offerings comprising: Talent Empowerment (T); IP enablement (I); Outsourced product development (O)

Supporting product manufacturers in delivering differentiated products to the market, using its lifecycle value enhancement offerings

Creating and supporting IPs for products that carry its value added insights as their differentiators in the market.

Value Proposition

Graphene’s biggest strength is the ability to leverage its strong and constructive partnerships across Industry, Technology and Skills, to help customers realize business goals. Graphene leverages its 300+ person years of semiconductor industry experience to bring its customers an end to end solution, not isolated, silo’ed products and services. It’s not about chips or the silicon; it’s about the market objectives. That’s what Graphene partners for.

The firm’s I-CARE, core value system ensures that it offers complete reliability, trusted quality, as also robust agility for adaption to innovative technologies - and the end product is lowest time to market, rapid conversion and dependable business for our clients. The firm also adds value to engineering knowledge base for the resources teams.

Current Market Landscape

The trends detailed have already begun impacting the concept, design, development and marketing of embedded products. With a new product being announced almost every other day, technological changes are sweeping the embedded world.

Wired or wireless communication between embedded devices or a back-end server is increasing and is resulting in newer functional areas and business models.

Deployment of multi-core architectures, internationalization, efficient security algorithms and usage of open source platforms is poised to grow; hence, product managers, architects, engineering teams need to understand the implications of this growth.

Another area that could probably have an implication in the future is social networking. Certain embedded devices could eventually turn out to be suitable platforms for collaboration with Web 2.0 concepts like social networking and syndication being adopted. Eventually, a PDA device need not necessarily have a web client interface for accessing social networking forums or subscribing to various feeds; it could on its own be a potential platform for such collaboration. The underlying embedded technology would support syndication protocols like RSS/ATOM that would automatically update changes.

It is also likely that embedded systems will embrace the cloud computing paradigms, as is happening in the non-embedded world. So, it might be possible for instance, to have the RTOS, storage areas or other special software in the cloud and have the embedded applications access them through internet connectivity. It is always going to be smaller, faster, and superior in the embedded world!

Addressing the Challenges


1. Semiconductor design created in the U.S.

2. Exported to Taiwan for production.

3. Sent to Malaysia for assembly.

4. Moved to Thailand for packaging.

5. To China for incorporation into larger end-items.

6. Then, multiple imports into the U.S. or stay in China, where there is a growing consumer base.

What India is geared up: Only human capital and semiconductor consumptions. Make in India does not address any of the above for semiconductor industry. The only market which will grow in India is IOT and IOT consumptions by the semiconductor chips but Indian use scenario where a lot of deployment can be done to suits the requirements.


1. Outsourced Product Development Services

  • IC Design
  • Software design & services
  •  System Design

2. Talent Empowerment Services

3. IP Enablement Services (Solutions)


Differentiating Factors

Graphene provides services starting from VLSI, SOC design, Board design, device driver, Low level software to system Integration & Solutions, Hardware, protocols.


Graphene works with 80 percent of the top 10 semiconductor industries in India, the U.S., and Singapore.

Organizational Culture

Deeply rooted core values allow an organization to grow, and add the strength that comes from experience and skills, everywhere, within Graphene as well as in customer environment.

At Graphene, this deep root is our value- I CARE. The firm values:

I - Integrity that comes with a full focus on providing trustworthy and quality responses as well as services to all its partners

C - Customers are the center of its universe, and all the energies are directed to satisfying their requirements

A - Adaptive to all requirements, however niche- The firm ensures every single product, service or conversation is about meeting the needs of the customers, and conveyed in the most courteous way.

R - Respect that is universal- strong communication that ensures courtesy, commitment to delivery and reliability forms the very core of its interactions with clients, stakeholders as well as internal teams

E - Excellence in every single delivery, every single incidence and every single result- setting challenging objectives for oneself and creating benchmarks for others to follow.

Employee Programs

  • Technical training sessions
  • Interaction with Subject Experts
  • Soft skill building programs
  • Outbound training programs at reputed corporate learning centers
  • Team bonding activities like quarterly lunch meetings, day-out, etc.
  • Quarterly All-Hands Meetings
  • Recognitions including Spot Awards, Team of the Quarter and Achiever of the Quarter

Harboring Innovation

  • Graphene encourages technical paper presentations
  • Graphene promotes in-house research in the domains we work on and have a lab dedicated for the purpose of research and in-house projects
  • Graphene invites process change suggestions for being more efficient in its work
  • Staff is given access to management for any new ideas on both technical and process areas.

Global Strategy

Graphene aims to enable customers’ product realization business and help attain market leadership by offering critical value added services to their engineering and production teams.

Graphene’s Key Value Proposition

  • Promoted by highly experienced leadership team with strong credentials. 150+ years of semiconductor leadership experience driving execution management.
  • Offers most stable, self-supporting and capability enhancing environment for product development.
  • The only startup company to offer complete end to end product realization, from concept to product deployment including sustainability.
  • Well established eco-system partnership with EDA, Fab, Library vendors & Very strong understanding of Global Working Culture.

Quick Facts

1.Year of founding:April-2013

2.Funding information: 4.95 CRORES FUNDING FROM KARNATAKA GOVT.

3.Founding members:   

  • VINAY HEBBALLI -COO & Business Development
  • NANDAGOPAL ANANDA -Director, Functional Logic
  • PRAMOD SABNIS -Director, Physical Design

4.Office locations: Graphene Semiconductor Services Pvt. Ltd.
                                 8/2 & 9, The HUB, Unit 1, Rear Wing
                                 Sarjapur Main Road, Amblipura Village,
                                 Bangalore 560103.
                                 Phone: +91-80-46625999, +91-80-46625900

5. Company strength: Complete SDLC – (Software development life cycle) Automotive, test,       Validation, Storage, Firmware & device drive.

6. Website: