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Digital Republik

Digital Republik

About the Company

The current digital market landscape is growing exponentially and it will grow further, as brands, both big and small relocate their budget from traditional forms of advertising to the online mediums - after all, brands today are built online. The challenge though has been with the agencies that have only approached the online medium from a design and creative perspective. While this may gain some visibility for them or win some awards, it doesn’t really ensure measurable business impact for their Clients. This is where Digital Republik has been carving a solid niche for itself. Using sound strategic thinking that ensures business impact, coupled with the use of cutting edge, online marketing techniques will be the true measure of how brands grow and acquire customers in the future.

Digital Republik is a ‘Strategy meets Technology’ led new media marketing agency which works with Global Clients to help them succeed in the new online and socially connected world. All of its award-winning work is focused on driving measurable business impacts for its clients, whether it is about building a new brand from scratch or generating business leads and more.

Headquartered out of Mumbai, with branch office in Tashkent, Digital Republik predominantly works with client in India and the Central Asian countries.


Digital Republik provides 360-degree Digital Marketing services to its customers.

The unique range of services offered by Digital Republik includes:

•          Campaign Planning & Management

•          Creating Visual & Brand Identity

•          Digital Thinking & Benchmarking

•          Loyalty Programs & Community Building

•          Video Production & Marketing

•          Online Reputation Management

Differentiating Factors

The highly skilled team of Digital Republik comprises of ‘Strategic Thinkers’ & ‘Brand Builders’ who are very passionate about Online and Digital Marketing. Digital Republik works with its clients to plan their Brand Strategy and then uses its Magic wand to blend Tech, Design and its on-ground experience to come up with solutions. From creating a simple website to an e-commerce giant, Digital Republik loves to work across all verticals which are ‘Digitally Oriented’.

Often companies have misaligned objectives. Clients want more customers and the service providers want more of the client’s money or awards. For Digital Republik, the real award is ‘Client Contract Renewals’ and over the years the firm has bagged tons of those.


Digital Republik has served reputed names across the country, right from MNCs to Start-ups! The company offers services to various industries including Automobile, Healthcare, Education, Fashion and Travel.

Some of the unique clients served by Digital Republik include –

•          Bridgestone India

•          Firestone India

•          Wellness Forever Chemists

•          Prettislim Clinics

•          Umoja Travels

•          Asian Heart Institute

•          Godrej Interior

•          Polygel Industries

•          Soccer Connections & many more

Organizational Culture

The proud team of Digital Republik believes that this is not just any job, it is their career. With an open and a transparent system, the firm believes in keeping a healthy atmosphere.

The founders of the firm share that one gets a plethora of perks by working with them, some of which are:

·    A Fun Allowance: Each #DRRebel gets Rs 3,000 to spend at a nearby bar or a restaurant, or even to attend any concert!

·   Seize the Day: The company does not believe in slogging through the evenings! Show up early, get stuff done, Go Home! No need to sacrifice your evenings trudging through work, when you could be out having fun, unless of course you're having fun with your office colleagues, in which case you're very welcome!

·   Fun Friday Nights: It’s usually ‘Fri-Yay’ for the team! Grab beers, turn the music on, and put on your singing hats. Fridays are Karoake and Bar Nights at DR Headquarters!

·    Chief Fun Officers (CFOs): Every month these CFOs are responsible for the Music, Event and a party in Office. So, whether it is a Pizza Party or going for the 1st Day - 1st show of Baahubali 2 (Yes, while everyone struggled to get a leave, Digital Republik took all their Rebels to see the morning show before anyone reveals #WKKB), these CFOs decide the fun calendar for the month!

Harboring Innovation

Digital Republik is in a ‘Young People’s Business’ where the ‘Internet Marketing’ business is driven by a demographic that lives and breathes online. The team consists of really smart people who bring their own life experiences, online, to their job. Innovation therefore comes in naturally and is a pre-requisite to the work done by Digital Republik.

The firm promotes a culture where even an intern has the courage to state their opinion on something that can really help the clients and that culture in action is what Digital Republik backs each day at every step of their way. Welcoming contrarian thinking when it comes to differentiating work (#DigitalRebels), is how Digital Republik harbors innovation within its team.

Go-to-Market Plans

With a vision to spread its reach in the industry, Digital Republik is focused on working with brands in India’s fast growing SME sector. The founders of Digital Republik like success stories and they are especially fond of stories where they have helped played a part in the growth of a customer. They believe that this is a great opportunity in India and are all set to build a profitable, impact-oriented business. Digital Republik also intends to spread its wings across the Russian speaking Central Asian countries in the years to come.

Quick Facts

            1.) Year of founding: 2013

            2) Funding information:

o   Organically funded & profitable since inception. No outside funding yet.   

            3) Founding members:

o   Mr. Sunil Chandarana

o   Ms. Priyanka Shroff

            4) Office locations:

o   Mumbai

o   Tashkent

            5) Company strength:

o   27

            6) Website: