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About the Company

New Delhi headquartered Edelytics is the only Digital Strategy and Communication Service providers that holds a core Admissions and Education Marketing profile. With over 12 years of working as Marketing and Admissions heads in start-ups, as well as branded institutions, the founders of Edelytics were driven straight to addressing the focal points of any education venture. This clearly indicates that the company specializes in understanding the dynamics of admissions, branding, and students’ peer behaviorism and thus Edelytics’ digital strategy revolves around these core areas for Higher Education Institutions and Schools.

Current Market Landscape

The current digital marketing scenario in India is still in a state of evolution as the acceptance of digital supremacy over any other form of marketing is still not prevalent everywhere. This also means that the space for aggressive expansion of any sort of digital service is exceptionally high to the right initiator. The entrepreneurs, chairpersons, institute owners are becoming more and more open to digital enlightenment and the new age young ones are already marching the digital way.

Addressing the Challenges

The challenges faced by Edelytics usually included the ones that grow from the lack of digital awareness which is a major hurdle in experiencing the true potential of digital empowerment. As stated by the founders of Edelytics – ‘People are still not willing to go the whole nine yards to unleash the real power of digital media as Print and electronic media still prevails to a large extent. Although, people are experimenting but since very few people understand the form, inefficient professionals create a new set of hurdles of bad experiences for the proficient agencies to gain confidence of the decision makers.’


Edelytics offers a complete 360-degree digital immunity to its customers. The company works towards the establishment of online-brand image through dominant organic growth. These result in creating an online legacy, that if nurtured can eventually lead marketing strategy to a complete no paid-advertising zone where inbound marketing becomes the life blood of revenue generation. Edelytics also delivers tele-verified leads for various courses to institutions. The quantifiable outcome of the firm’s services can be measured in the appreciable delta of enquiries, walk-ins, sale of application forms and eventual admissions for the particular session in comparison to previously prevailing condition.

Differentiating Factors

The fact that Edelytics has a robust admission experience of various courses and institutes, ranging from premium category to the run of the mill segment, making their digital strategies the best designed to suit the ultimate objectives of almost all institutions i.e. contributing to an increase in the number of admissions. Technical expertise, highly effective creativity, best understanding of admission dynamics on basis of background is what makes Edelytics much more than an average agency. The firm is very much a - Digital Admission Enabler.


The expertise of the Edelytics’ team is very well reflected through its clientele holds prestigious names including -

  • Timespro (THE TIMES GROUP initiative)
  • AP GOYAL SHIMLA University
  • IIHMR (International Institute of Health Management and Research)
  • (IFBS) Imm-Fostiima Business School
  • GIBS  Business  School, Bangalore

Organizational Culture

Edelytics promotes an organizational culture which is of high productivity and nurtures innovation. Employees are extremely inspired to set a very high index of performance driven growth on an individual and organizational scale. Being a start-up Edelytics has an extremely challenging and satisfying work ambiance that promotes a constant improvement mantra.

Harboring Innovation

To harbor innovation among the team members of Edelytics, the company promotes a proactive environment that acts as a catalyst to intellectual growth and its manifestation in work is encouraged. The company offers an ambience of constantly challenging the boundaries of human limitation by simulating a healthy rivalry among team members. Moreover, innovation is a way of work that is a must for a technology driven high performance organization so it comes as a natural practice to Edelytics’ personnel.

Go-to-Market Plans

Delivering the best fit solution to its customers with optimized efficiency and cost effectiveness is the primary focus of Edelytics to win over the target market. The company brings to use the most important methodologies and whirlwind techniques to garner fast paced but steady growth paths for its esteemed clients and this is going to remain central objective for Edelytics. Having worked with unique list of customers, the company believes that premium solutions at very competitive pricing that guarantees results is its go-to-market strategy which has helped the firm achieved its inception objectives.

Quick Facts

1.) Year of founding: 2016

2) Funding information: Self -Financed                   

3) Founding members: Anoop Mundhra

4) Office locations: New Delhi (Cannaught Place)

5) Company strength:  Low cost enabled path breaking digital solutions for Education clients that is guaranteed for success

6) Website: