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About the Company

For any business enterprise, building an online presence goes well beyond creating a website that merely informs without engaging. In an increasingly digital world, with an increasing proportion of transactions shifting from the real to the virtual world, the new imperative for businesses is build an online platform that encompasses an appealing website, interactive social media and catchy digital ads. Digital marketing offers business owners and marketers with a plethora of options on channels, strategies and modes of digital promotion with the onus on them to identify the most appropriate one for their brand and customers. While digital service providers proliferate the market, not all have been successful in adding the right value for businesses. Arvind Maharajan and Vignesh Ramasubramanian identified this underutilized potential and established 42andmore to bridge the gap between potential and opportunity, for the organization to draw in, excite and retain customers

Addressing the Challenges

As an agency that focuses on delivering creative digital solutions for established SME’s and entrepreneurial ventures, the primary challenge that 42andmore faced was resistance and skepticism of the efficacy of digital as most SME’s prefer to direct their marketing investments towards traditional forms of marketing.

The firm combated this initial resistance and opened the minds of its clients to the tremendous potential of digital world by encouraging them to test the digital waters with smaller budgets. Once the company produced results and delivered value, it was smooth sailing. Clients could see the bigger picture and benefits of directing a greater portion of their marketing spends towards digital and reap tremendous benefits.

42andmore’s core mission is to help its clients understand the importance of ideal channel selection, delivering the right message, to the right person, at the right time through the right channel. The firm always assists its clients through the process of picking the right combination from the gamut of services, platforms and channels available to them. Being strongly data driven, 42andmore uses predictive algorithms to help clients select the most effective combination that can help them maximize their marketing RoI and get the most out of their spends.


42andmore is a full service digital marketing agency that takes pride in being a one-stop solution provider for any and all digital requirements of its clients. Its offerings span across three broad categories – Digital Marketing, Technology Development and Strategy & Consulting.

From website development and digital advertising, to SEO and social media marketing, 42andmore works with its clients to arrive at a plan ideal to their own unique objectives and the specific stage they are at in their marketing cycle. The one thing common that 42andmore offers to all its clients across various industries is their RoI driven approach. Every activity or solution deployed is done only after a stringent cost-benefit evaluation, thus consistently ensuring positive business impact for its clients.

Differentiating Factors

42andmore is truly motivated by the success of its clients and all its efforts are directed towards this end. In all their client engagements, the firm always aims to transcend a mere vendor-customer relationship. The company adopts the sentiments of being part of the vendor’s inner team, taking a personal interest in their project. This attitude has helped 42andmore to build a long term association with their clients, thus giving the firm many newer and larger opportunities to grow as compared to its other competitors. The company also strongly believes that they have been fortunate that their skills and quality of delivery have been recognized by all the brands we have had the pleasure of working with.


From start-ups to established enterprises, 42andmore has worked with clients of different sizes across various industries. The firm has tailored solutions for many leading and promising brands across Real Estate, Automobile dealerships, Fashion, E-commerce, Educational Institutes and many more.

Organizational Culture

42andmore is firmly against offering one-size-fits-all solutions to clients. The skilled team at 42andmore understands that every client has their unique objectives and thus the team works collaboratively with them to devise an ideal strategy to achieve their goals. 

The company’s first stage towards client engagement is forming a clear understanding of the business objective in order to translate them into marketing objective terms. It is only then that the 42andmore’s team of experts forms a data-driven strategy that helps in achieving these objectives through the appropriate mix of channels, audiences and campaigns. The firm also ensures that the deployed campaigns are always monitored and tracked to measure its effectiveness.

From beginning to end, 42andmore is completely transparent in all its efforts. It allows its clients to have the benefit of real-time analytics dashboards that presents them with campaign data and success measures at any given moment.

Harboring Innovation

Since its inception in 2015, 42andmore has been able to grow from strength to strength on the basis of the results they have delivered. The company has evolved as a tremendously successful firm in applying digital expertise to create measurable impacts with its campaigns across different areas. The company feels fortunate to have some of the best young talent in the ad-tech space as part of the team, creating a truly enthusiastic and dynamic work environment. 42andmore is proudly backed by its proven expertise and talent that has helped the company to emerge as one of India’s fastest growing Google Partner in the first year of operations.

The Roadmap Ahead

The digital sphere is one of evolution, with new tools constantly emerging to develop successful campaigns for those equipped to do so. With this in mind, 42andmore always endeavors to keep itself abreast of the very best the sphere has to offer. The firm constantly strives to work on the betterment of its skills in the areas of marketing automation and product development. The company also works on testing its predictive marketing platform and it is in a very promising position to launch it soon.

Excited by what the future holds for them, 42andmore is looking forward to working with an even wider pool of clients across far unchartered industries. The firm has very ambitious growth goals and is confident of achieving them on its way to emerging as the best full service Ad-tech company in the country.

Quick Facts

1.         Year of Inception – 2015

2.         Funding Information – Bootstrapped

3.         Founding Members – Vignesh Ramasubramanian and Arvind Maharajan 

4.         Office Location – Chennai

5.         Total Headcount – 20+

6.         Website –