NOVEMBER 20226IN M Y OPINIONINDUSTRY SPEAKS VC VIEW POINT co n t r ib u t o r scontents1018332537294012Impact of Organization Culture on Employee ProductivityMyth Vs Realty: Is it the Right Time to Invest in an Under Construction Property?The Future of Online Retail!THE E-COMMERCE MODEL OF D2C: THE NEXT BIG THING?Role of Emerging Technologies like AI/ML in Strengthening the Cyber Security FrameworkInvesting in Commercial Real Estate: Pros & Cons, Tax Implications ExplainedDaddy doesn't pay you to make friends - Can you blame the failure of your startup on the economy?Embracing New-age Technology in R&D & InnovationPraveen Patil Kulkarni,Country Manager - Security Risk & Governance, Micro FocusAnurag Goel, Director, Goel Ganga DevelopmentsGauri Bhatia, Founder, TUSDr. Richard Lobo, Head- Innovation & CQH, Tata ChemicalsSanjay Desai,Director,FabcurateAnkur Dayal, Co-Founder & CEO, Primarc PecanSudeep Kumar Sen,Vice President,Gi GroupMukesh Goel,Partner, Auric GroupMohan Krishnaraj, Vice President & Global Head, HARMAN International (A Samsung Company)LAST WORD 42The Digital Upheaval & Customer Experience (CX)
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