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Emblix Solutions

Emblix Solutions

About the Company

Counted among the top most service-oriented Digital Marketing Agencies in Hyderabad, Emblix Solutions is distinguished by its high-quality result-oriented digital services ranging from SEO to Web Design, Social Media Marketing and more, to a broad spectrum of clients from diverse industry segments. Creating a benchmark in the industry, Emblix has shown its unrivalled proficiency in the areas like branding, online reputation management, affiliate marketing, web designing, e-Commerce applications, and matchless email marketing. They seamlessly integrate digital channels into marketing campaigns and manage both digital marketing and traditional communications with ease. Currently, this ingenious agency is synonymous with the future of digital marketing and Email marketing trends.

Current Market Landscape

Compared to other marketing tactics, email marketingpreserves an edge-over in competition.  Social marketing just communicates to the people whereas email marketing converts people into subscribers, customers, members. A large number of customers may be reached with email marketing with low cost. As many companies, enterprises and brands are taking up the email marketing path, the market is witnessing significant developments simultaneously.

According to a new research report by Transparency Market Research (TMR), the worldwide market for email marketing is estimated to expand at a CAGR of 19.60% during the period from 2017 to 2025, rising from USD 4.51 billion in 2016 to USD 22.16 billion by the end of the forecast period.

Investments in various technologies for email marketing and innovations in email marketing software and services are the key drivers of this growth.The study states that the development of more agile and robust tools of email marketing automation and the increase in research activities are likely to attract the focus of much more participants in the forthcoming years. Small enterprises are believed to be the game changers in the email marketing adoption.

Addressing the Challenges

As the market grows rapidly, it also encounters with fragmentation and amplified competition. For any e-commerce business, today, the biggest challenge is to create a brand name and to acquire at least one hundred customers. Keenly fabricated for the current market trends, Emblix Solutions address all the requirements of modern day businesses by deploying cutting-edge technologies at the core with faster turn-around times. Company conducts email marketing through various forms and methods including newsletter email, catalogue and video email, press release email, invitation and survey email, thank you email and so on. Supported with strong analytics knowledge, Emblix’s email marketing solution allows greater customization and manages contacting people individually by splitting topics accurately for certain customers from the segmented list and reaches their private and personal inbox.

Committed to bring better RoI and conversion rates, the firm’s solutions are also beneficial in sending real-time personalized messages as per the client’s preference and aid in frequent communication, testing messages, checking traffic and sales and enhancing customer experience. With e-Commerce as their forte, Emblix Solutions offers various services such as Digital Marketing, Website designing, Social Media Marketing (SMM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), E-mail Marketing, Voice calls, SMS, PPC campaigns, Online reputation management, Affiliate Marketing. They also offer good quality training for fresher and beginners in the field of digital marketing.

Differentiating Factors

While there are a large number of digital marketing service providers in the market, Emblix Solutions stand out from them in terms of unique services and custom-made strategies that efficiently integrateinto dynamic online marketing field. Emblix Solutions offer personalized interactive email services that are made with automated tools and are spam-free. Regarding their marketing campaign skills, Emblix is marked as an all-in-one service provider and a master in offering high-end digital marketing campaigns of great quality.

Keeping a customer-centric approach in their whole service delivery, Emblix Solutions devotes an intense attention to understand the requirements of their clients and recommends new and latest approaches that are currently trending in the digital market. Through the course of project implementation, the team Emblix work very closely with clients and strives to keep active communication with clients. The marketing consultants of the firm have a professional expertise in choosing the right marketing automation tool as per the clients’ requirements and budget, tools that would bring out maximum Return on Investment. The team of experts at Emblix Solutions provide an entire range of high-quality digital marketing and social media services within a specified period of time.

Overall, the clients choose Emblix solutions for their online business growth as they are offered best quality services that match-up to the current trend. Also, the proficient team delivers innovative and fruitful digital marketing services at affordable cost and within the deadline.

Harbouring Innovation

Emblix Solutions is teamed up with a technically strong group of professionals and digital marketing experts. The employees here work with determination and the management uses target-oriented approach to bring the best out of the employees. Because of the proficiency of employees in their respective fields, Emblix Solution is capable of providing all the digital marketing services under one roof.  By focusing on enhanced collaboration and frequent communication with clients, the firm easily identifies the factors that encourage different audiences to act.

Company is harbouring innovation and creativity among its employees through offering various training, rewards, awards, getting them noticed and so forth. Their teams of expert employees play a crucial role to transform the company into a leading digital marketing agency in India.  Today, Emblix Solutions is a leader in digital marketing with employees of in-depth knowledge and expertise. They rank among top 10 digital marketing companies in India. Their employees have helped in creating integrated marketing solutions for all clients making Emblix one of the most trusted and appreciated names in the digital marketing field.

Future Plans

Just within a short span of one and a half years, Emblix Solutions has been emerged as supreme digital marketing company with a customer base of over 500 clients. The customer-market of the firm is spread throughout the south Indian hemisphere and has tapped high-end markets in Kuwait and Qatar.

At present, Emblix Solutions is leaping forward with a growth of 200 percent every quarter.  Moreover, the company is officially partnered with Google Ad Words, Yahoo, Facebook, and Bitrix. With well-planned strategies and award-winning techniques, the company has delivered many successful SEO strategies and email campaigns to a large number of clients.

Currently, Emblix Solutions have revamped their presence in the virtual world with over 1000 websites. In near future, the experts at Emblix Solutions will come up with new search engine techniques, while striving to help existing clients and new start-ups to be successful in their field of operation with interactive customer experience.

Quick Facts:

  1. Year of Inception  –  2012
  2. Founding Members –   Chaitanya Nandigam, Sales and Delivery Head for India and Sai Ram, Sales and Delivery Head for USA
  3. Office Location  –   Hyderabad
  4. Total Headcount –  25
  5. Website              –