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Datum Informatics Pvt. Ltd

Datum Informatics Pvt. Ltd

About the Company

“Contextual Intelligence with a Power of Distributed Parallel Processing for Real-time Insights from Millions of Internal & External Data Sources, backed by Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning”

Datum Informatics is a Contextual Data Analytics & Cyber Intelligence firm, specializing on Big Data, Advanced Analytics and Dynamic Dashboard Reporting solutions for the Unstructured & Descriptive Data processing and Analytics, using Advanced Text Engineering, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing.

Datum offers a niche Solutions Contextual Data Mining, NLP & Intent Based SMART Search, Information Retrieval & Knowledge Discovery etc. from billions of Internal and External Data sources by mining the most contextually relevant & related data using Information Ranking & Contextual Intelligence Algorithms.

Datum helps its customers with Automated Due-Diligence Research, Syndicated Data Research, Contextual Data Search & Retrieval, Data Enrichment, Digital Business Health Monitoring & Brand Equity including Sentiment Analysis, Intention Analysis, Lead Generation, PR Reachability and Competitive Benchmarking.

Datum provides a completely Automated, Comprehensive and end to end Data Life Cycle Management Solutions for the Digital Transformation & Information initiatives of global organizations to transform their complex Data Mining, large volume of Data Processing &Self Service Dynamic Reporting challenges. Globally, Datum is one of the rare firms offering Contextual Data Analytics on unstructured data from both internal and external data sources with a complete Data Mining, Processing and Reporting capabilities.

Current Market Landscape

As per the IDC Research, by 2020, 93.7 percent of the data will be unstructured data across the world. Today every enterprise and large organization has to rely upon data from both internal and external data sources, which are mostly in unstructured and descriptive format, for doing Due-Diligence Research, Market Intelligence, Competitive benchmarking, Customer behaviour, eKYC, Risk Analysis & Cyber Intelligence. Aggregating and Mining contextually relevant data & information from this large volume of unstructured data is one of the critical challenges faced by most of the enterprise organizations today – whether it is Policy Information, Candidate Profiles, Contracts, Customer Profiles & Reviews, Financial & Non-Financial Reports, Market Reports, Regulatory Information, News Articles etc.

Addressing the Challenges

The next big market for Data Mining would be the Indian subcontinent and APAC market outside the North American market, being one of the fastest growing economies and industry landscapes. Though these emerging markets have enormous potential, large enterprises India is yet to achieve the data maturity and organization readiness to have sophisticated solutions implemented for Strategic Planning and Decisions. The minimal exposure and expertise in advanced technologies limit the enterprise decision makers to take faster decisions on solutions and tools involved in data mining and data driven decisions, eventually leading to longer decision cycles and potential loss of business and attracting larger business risks.


Datum enables its customers with their Data & Digital Transformation requirements by providing state of the art Big Data based automation solutions for their complex, time consuming, heavy infra & resource driven manual processes in the areas of Data Aggregation, Data Mining, Data Processing and Dynamic Dashboard Reporting.

Datum helps its customers with Enterprise Data Strategy and Automated Solutions for Digital Transformation using PRISM, a comprehensive Data Life Cycle Management Solution, for the Enterprise Data Challenges and requirements.

Three of the core offerings Datum provides to its major customers are, as follows:

• Datum Automated Contextual Data Mining & Aggregation Solution from millions of External (world wide web, social media, blogs, reviews, discussion forums, microblogs etc.) and Internal (emails, documents, log files, CRMs, transaction systems etc.), which are highly relevant and related to a specific context

• Datum Distributed Massive Parallel Processing Solution to process millions of data points, records and transaction data in real-time and deliver outcomes in a few seconds, reducing hours and days of Data Processing challenges

• Datum Dynamic Dashboard Reporting & Big Data Visualization Solution enables the business users to create and access 100s of Dashboard Reports real-time over a centralized Web portal, backed by Datum DMP to provide large scale data processing & reporting on-demand and real-time.

Differentiating Factors

Datum provides a complete end to end Data Life Cycle Management platform for the unstructured and descriptive data from Internal & External Sources, covering Contextual Data Mining & Aggregation, Data Segregation & Distributed Processing, Data Visualization & Dynamic Reporting.

Datum is one of the rare firms offering contextual Data Analytics & Information Ranking Solutions globally with more than 18 Contextual Intelligence IPs in place. The company has a unique offering of highly competitive accuracy & precision in Data & Insights with Distinct advantage of the lowest investments in Hardware and Infrastructure.


Federal Bank Ltd., ING, BNP Paribas, Societe Generale Bank, Positive Integers Ltd., Dhanlaxmi Bank Ltd. RiaMetric, Future Vision Global, amongst others.

Organizational Culture

Datum is a world of Innovation, Growth & Fun, where Datum has an open-door policy with a flat hierarchy model, where every associate of Datum has been given the freedom to innovate, collaborate, learn and grow individually as well as a team.  Datum ensures that, each and every person is rewarded “Personally”, “Professionally” and “Financially” directly proportional to their contribution to the organization, customers and team.

Harboring Innovation

As a “People, Process, Performance” driven organization, Datum enables learning & performance platforms for its entire associates to Innovate every day in every aspect of their association with Datum, be it for Datum or for their customers. Datum provides Paid Training, opportunities to undertake complex customer business challenges, Research & Development initiatives and New Product Development avenues to every aspiring associate at Datum.

Global Strategy

Over the last three years, Datum has been focusing in India market to create niche & demonstrable case-studies and credible customer base. Datum is currently exploring Strategic Investments and partnership opportunities with potential large organizations and Venture Capital firms to tap the bigger opportunities globally.  Also, Datum is making its continuous investments in productizing some of its capabilities and solutions for a set of identified customer segments. Datum is planning to be scaling its operations in two international markets outside India in the next 18 months.

Quick Facts

  •      Name: Datum Informatics Pvt. Ltd.
  •      Year of founding:  2013
  •      Funding information: Bootstrapped & Self Funded                          
  •      Founding members: Philip Varughese, Hareeshkumar P.S.
  •      Office locations: Bangalore, India
  •      Company strength: 11+
  •      Website: