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BrainWave Biotechnology Private Limited

BrainWave Biotechnology Private Limited

About the Company

BrainWave Biotechnology Private Limited provides IT enabled services to various industries across the globe. BrainWave's Life Science Informatics expertise covers Healthcare KPO process, Healthcare BPO process, Medical Writing, and Healthcare Services.

BrainWave employs Research specialists with varied experience who are associated with our Medical writers in creating high quality documentation. The firm’s expertise in data mining vouches for expert documentation support and timely services to the customers worldwide.

Our professional setup goes beyond offering the considerable cost efficiencies and swift turn around. BrainWave team comprises a highly knowledgeable and experienced group of industry veterans and experts, focused on offering the requisite quality and accuracy in the projects.

Current Market Landscape

Data mining is a secondary market research that involves the retrieval of Data from Internet and other sources, which is then processed into a structured data to derive at specific inferences, as needed by the Client. Advances in data management technology has driven the process of not just Data analysis alone, but also the metrics of collecting, organizing, validating, preserving, and processing the data as well. Subsequently, these data are subjected to advanced machine learning techniques that integrate the databases.

Data mining software automates the data identification, analysis and structuring of even large databases according to the query. Scientific databases often remain unstructured and rarely being processed. Text mining of research articles and white papers provides a platform to create scientific and medical knowledge.

The data mining market size is expected to grow at a rate of 23.1 percent and shall reach a whopping $48.6 billion in 2019. The market is vouched to envision advanced machine learning that shall replace the manual data mining process.

Huge organizations will have the need for a structured data mining services, since the volume of information from various departments such as procurement, HR, production, marketing and sales are bound to increase. By utilizing data effectively, companies can stay focused on their business and core competencies.

Addressing the Challenges

One of the biggest challenges that the data mining industry shall face is the lack of availability of professional data scientists around the globe. One can vision the booming e-commerce industry that demands more Data analytics. With new selective courses offered by institutes for data scientists, the demand for data analyst might be satiated for the e-commerce industry. On the contrary, healthcare Data mining needs domain experts in the field of science and healthcare. Optimized training targeted towards the healthcare data mining services will provide new opportunities for new entrants in the healthcare field.

BrainWave understands that training individuals remains the backbone of successful advancement in the data mining industry. The company trains its team on a regular basis with new concepts and software in the Data mining industry to stay updated. BrainWave Biotechnology is associated with most prestigious universities and healthcare corporations to provide opportunities to aspiring students in the field of Data mining.


 BrainWave’s Health Care and Clinical Research Services include:

  •   Clinical investigators profiling services
  •   KOL profiling services
  •   KOL database maintenance
  •  Data Conversion Process
  •  Data Extraction Services
  •  Data Analysis Services

BrainWave’s Business Research Services include:

  •   Business Competitor Analysis
  •   Business Reports Writing
  •   Business Research Survey
  •   Data enrichment services
  •   Proof reading services
  •   Prepress services

Differentiating Factors

As the best global outsourcing service provider, BrainWave offers KPO services that include a multitude of complex computational challenges faced by the Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Healthcare, and Research Institutions. The firm’s knowledge management team encompasses PhD level statisticians, MSc level analysts, Graduates in Management and IT professionals.

Why choose Brainwave

  • Driven by a client-focused, cost-effective service that provides customized and optimized Data solutions
  • Subject Matter Experts in the respective field of Healthcare, Research, and Medicine
  • Reliable and on-time delivery of projects
  • Brainwave understands business objectives of its clients and help them achieve the required outcomes
  • Industrial expertise since 2002 makes us a strong contender for Data Mining process


BrainWave’s clients span across the globe including pharmaceutical companies, Biotech companies, research institutions, healthcare organizations, corporate hospitals, and other industries that require business or market research.

Organizational Culture

BrainWave's work culture centers on company's core values. The firm’s core strength is the talent of its people. The leadership stresses on building the most productive environment by proper nurturing of individual potentials and the pillar of the building rests on teamwork.

 BrainWave understands that today's beginner is tomorrow's leader in their chosen field and the organization aims in producing the best leaders in this industry through the following programs:

  •   Guidance
  •   Assessment and feedback

Harboring Innovation

BrainWave arranges extensive training programs to equip its scientists with up-to-date information and development in the areas of their expertise. An online intranet based information sharing program has also been established to this effect. The training programs also help in realizing the corporate values and principles that we cherish. There is internal assessment throughout the year where scientists from every rank provide their feedback to colleagues. This helps identify the specific areas for development and to help design strategies to achieve the goals.

Go-to-Market Plans

The Data Mining Outsourcing market size is expected to grow at a rate of 30 percent increase from 2016 to 2023, with the total value projected at USD 6 billion by 2023. Swift expansion of exponential data is likely to drive industry growth. BrainWave shall focus on the advancements in the Data analytics with skilled labor, efficient technology infrastructure, and lower costs in the coming years.

Quick Facts


1.) Year of founding:         2001

2) Funding information:   Private

3) Founding members:    Mrs. Valli Arun - Founder & Chairperson of BrainWave Biotechnology

4) Office locations:           BrainWave Biotechnology Private Limited

Jamals Chambers 1st Floor

New No. 49, Old No. 26, Mount Road

Saidapet, Chennai 600 015

Phone : +91 44 4332 8228

Mobile : +91 98413 12243

eMail   :

5) Company strength:       50-100

6) Website: