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Asplor Research Private Limited

Asplor Research Private Limited

About the Company

Asplor Research Pvt. Ltd. is a full service market research agency that specializes in India, South East Asia, Middle east and Africa. The company clearly understands its clients’ needs and field challenges and has solution for deeper insights for complex projects. Asplor Research does things differently and always goes beyond the standard data collection and reporting and work as a partner with clients. Asplor follows very strict quality control processes and very good client service and is available 24X7. As a is a full service Market Research company, Asplor focuses on delivering market Research and panel solutions to the clients requiring unbiased strategic information. Established in 2015, the company works with a goal to deliver ground breaking data and insights to its clients.

Asplor is headquartered in New Delhi and provide in depth insights for global market places and delivers 24X7 project management & data collection services for today fast moving market. Team Asplor comprises of diverse industry experts and researchers that covers the most geographic locations. It offers solutions and support for Market research, Quantitative and Qualitative research, Online Research, Usability research, Ethnographic Research, Product testing, sensory testing and focus groups. Asplor offers seamless fielding process, a dedicated team to manage multi market studies from inception to the end.

Current Market Landscape

In India, data mining services is in good state with ever evolving technologies for analyzing and gathering data is going in right direction, data mining provides useful information to increase any company revenue, cut costs. In India, many companies are not considering it as an option and missing out on opportunism hidden within big data.

Addressing the Challenges

The major challenges are collection and visualization of big data, good visualization is required to understand the big data, hidden opportunities and eliminating processes that creating a revenue loss for organizations, Asplor research created a data mining platform with sourcing information from variety of sources like social media and other communication platform to gauze customer sentiments and tackle the hidden challenges. The company has created a state of the art module to gather all the information, analyze them and present them in consumable format which is a differentiating factor of the organization.


Asplor provides all market research services to its client including marketing research, data mining and analysis.

Some of the key industries it caters to are:

  • Automotive industry
  • Pharmaceutical Market Research
  • Healthcare Market Research
  • Animal Health Market Research
  • Medical Device Market Research

Differentiating Factors

Asplor’s proprietary tools and customization in data mining and analysis differentiate it from other competitors.


Asplore has worked for all major FMCG, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical and automotive industry clients present in India.

Organizational Culture

Asplor’s work culture is very unique with proving opportunities to each and every team member to be part of research and evolution of the company products and research. The company provides onsite and offsite training to its employees.

Harboring Innovation

Asplor has created an equal opportunity environment among its team which allow it to discuss new concept, ideas and interest quite frequently among team members. Each and every member of the team is a valuable asset for the company.

Go-to-Market Plans

Currently, Asplor is in the process of developing new tools in market research data mining and analysis services to create a customizable toll to uncover hidden insights and work along with big data.

Quick Facts

1.) Year of founding: 2015

2) Funding information: Self-Funded                        

3) Founding members: NA

4) Office locations: New Delhi, Mumbai and Banglore

5) Company strength: 50

6) Website: