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Rupesh Kumar Shah
CEO and Co-Founder,
InOpen Technologies
Rupesh Shah, is a very creative and assiduous individual. His passion lies in leveraging Open Source based ... more>>
Anupam  Mittal
CEO, People Group,
I think of myself as an explorer and an entrepreneur that translates well on me being an investor as those ... more>>
CTO, QuickPay Corporation, San Jose
Sukanta  Ganguly
I am a serial entrepreneur and an angel investor. I have built multiple companies ... more>>
Sr Manager HR & Operations, I3 Software
Radha Krishna  Kandadai
An Accomplished HR professional with a decade plus years of experience in various ... more>>
MD, Blume Ventures, Mumbai
Sanjay  Nath
I am a Co Founder & Managing Director of Blume Ventures, one of India's leading ea... more>>
Nihal  Mehta
I am a Founding General Partner at the world's first venture fund focused on mobile startups, ENIAC ventures; a Founding Partner of the India Internet Group which... more>>
Mehdi  Maghsoodnia
CEO, Rafter,
San Francisco
I’m on the board of Fotomoto, NatureAir and PBworks and have worked for a number of other Inter... more>>
Chandra  Kumar
CEO, SkillSonics India,
I am an active member of the Indian Angel Network and co‐invested in a few startup companies. ... more>>
Arjun Dev Arora
CEO, ReTargeter,
San Francisco
I am an angel investor and advisor to multiple Silicon Valley startups. I am the founder and CEO... more>>
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