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About the company

Set up in 2013, SMART VLSI SERVICES PVT LTD is the brainchild of industry veterans holding decades of experience in semiconductor industry. Headquartered in Bangalore, SMART VLSI offers extensive training services to recent engineering graduates as well as corporate-level executives. The training institute aims at being the best service provider in semiconductor industry and tries to unleash the huge opportunities triggered by demands from the cloud, Internet of Things (IoT) and automotive industries for engineering graduates. In an industry where automation is beefing up existing marketing efforts, SMART VLSI’s course materials as well as hands-on training enables every engineer to provide maximum contribution. The institute is committed to place all of their trainee engineers at various clients across the globe.

Current Market Landscape

There are many skills and qualities that an individual needs to evolve as an effective engineer and to have a successful career. While an engineering education can offer the foundation of a sound knowledge, with technology advancing constantly, it is essential to continue to learn and update one’s skills throughout the career. The VLSI industry offers exciting growth opportunities for engineers who are strong in electronic design fundamentals, have keen interest in VLSI designing and verification, and know how to apply VLSI concepts to practice. VLSI is an untapped market which posses lots of opportunities and possibilities like automation and IoT for future. Presently, fresh VLSI engineers earn anywhere upwards of 5–7 lakh per annum with multinationals like Broadcom Semiconductor India offering 10 lakh for recently graduated engineers. These market demands as well as scope paved the way for the establishment of many VLSI training institutes in India; SMART VLSI being one among those institutes is leading successfully in the industry today.


At SMART VLSI, candidates are trained on advanced digital design methodologies and various verification technologies. Their courses are tailored to assist engineers in learning the latest verification and automation technologies used by the semiconductor industry. The institute’s practical knowledge and proximate work experience with lots of product based companies enables them to impart the right training excellence and wisdom to candidates on the actual expectation of companies from a VLSI skilled engineer. This system ensures that the engineers are exposed to cutting edge techniques used by design houses and semiconductor companies across the globe.

The VLSI courses offered by SMART VLSI fall into three categories:

  • Physical Design
  • STA
  • DFT
  • Synthesis
  • Formal Verification


SMART VLSI focuses more on Teaching practical work knowledge rather than teaching theoretical concepts. Institute’s VLSI training is also extended to corporate employees who wish to improve the employee knowledge. Some of the clients served by SMART VLSI include -

  • Graphene Semiconductors
  • Qualcomm
  • Intel
  • AMD
  • MediaTech

Future Plans

With 25 staff members, SMART VLSI has been adhering to the business philosophy of “Integrity, Innovative and Excellence”. Keeping up with the expectation to train and build excellent VLSI career for the aspiring learners, SMART VLSI offers industry standard, high quality and affordable training. As of now, the institute is rendering their services at Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai and Noida. Integrated with industry talents, advanced technology and excellent service, SMART VLSI is all set to mark a new mileage in Semiconductor industry in India and take a place in international market.

Quick Facts:

  1. Year of Inception - 2013
  2. Office Location - Bangalore
  3. Total Headcount - 25
  4. Website -
  5. Founding Member - Shanu Uddehal  (Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical and Electronic from VTU Karnataka in 2015; Worked at MindTree Texas Instruments, Smart Play Technologies, Broadcom, SanDisk and Qualcomm)