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Impulse Dynamic Trading Academy

Impulse Dynamic Trading Academy

About the company

Established by S B Suryawanshi, a Master Trainer in the areas of technical analysis, trading psychology and personal motivation, Impulse Dynamic Trading Academy has been set up with a mission to educate and empower individuals who are interested in trading and investment space with right investment strategy knowledge and acumen, thus moulding professionals who would aptly fit into the fluctuating environment of today’s global trade field. Conceived and administered by the industry experts with immense years of hands-on experience in the trade and stock exchange operations, Impulse Dynamic Trading Academy strives to push modern-day traders and investors to lead the next wave of trading and financial proficiency in India.

Having been a trader since the age of 20 years, SB Suryawanshi has been through all thick and thins of the stock market until he finally achieved success as a trader. Since then, he has taken up the initiative of helping others to become professional traders. Incepted in 2012, the institute offers groundbreaking courses and training programmes that worth to invest in every trader’s life as it teaches professionals to locate high reward, low risk and high profitability trading and investing opportunities.

Current Market Landscape

The stock market has emerged as a leading business strategy today. There are many advantages of stock marketing that turns it into the most promising way of trade and investment. To name a few advantages, in stock market trade, no one is limited by profit, one is flexible to trade from anywhere at any time and never limited with specific investment. As the different stock markets and trading platforms are getting more and more significance at national as well as global level, consequently this growth is pulling the attention of millions of neophytes from around the globe. But the fact is, many of the fresh traders walk out without reaching their full potential because majority of those who fail may not even have the basic knowledge and many others wouldn’t have acquired the required trading skills to tilt the odds in their favour before they try their hands at the trading markets. This scenario calls for a comprehensive training in trading and investment to ensure the risk-free operations from traders’ end.

Trade and stock market training has ample market opportunities in India where two main stock markets (BSE and NSE) in the world situate. In this niche market, Impulse Dynamic Trading Academy endeavours to become a primary source of information.

 Training offerings

Impulse Dynamic Trading Academy encourages their trainees and students for their innovations in various aspects in the Stock Market to make them ready to meet every trader and investor to achieve their objective or target. Their courses are tailored to assist traders and investors to learn how the markets really work and how to book short-term profits efficiently. The institute offers the most complete and practical stock market course on the Internet touching or covering the crucial points of selection of a good broker, earnings and cash flow statements, value of a stock, company comparison, investing strategy and exit strategies also.

The course consists of ten chapters and conducts quizzes to track the progress of every student or candidate. At the end of each chapter, candidate will have a 10 question quiz, a list of recommended exercises, suggested further reading, and a glossary to help the candidate to review the key terms covered in each chapter. A student can always go back and take the chapter quizzes again until he/she gets a perfect 100% score. The institute’s training programmes include:

  1. Price Action Pro Trading Program.
  2. Advance Derivatives Trading Program.
  3. Elliot Wave Trading Program.
  4. Fundamental Analysis Training Program
  5. Quantitative Analysis Training Program
  6. Algo Trading Program.

Impulse Dynamic Trading Academy’s stock trading course promises a solid foundation of investing knowledge.

Differentiating Factors

Impulse Dynamic Trading Academy dedicated to impart individuals worldwide stock market education in the vision to enhance their lives, achieve their dreams and build massive wealth from stock market. The institute differs from its peer players in the market by offering unique trading strategies. They strive to empower every individual to provide the professional way to meet their financial objectives with the help of institute’s unique and powerful trading strategies. And the USP of the organization include strategies by which traders are making consistent profits and the dedicated employees who help every student to solve their queries and doubts.

Organizational Culture

The work environment at Impulse Dynamic Capital is built around the belief of growth beyond boundaries. Some of the critical elements that define their work culture are corporate exposure, cross-domain experience, and work-life balance. They encourage all their sub ordinates for their innovations in growing organization which keeps the environment much steady and healthy. Institute’s work culture provides value addition to the operations of the organization and it helps to enhance productivity among all members.

Future Plans

Being a hub of trade and stock market information, Impulse Dynamic Trading Academy envisages to become the biggest and trustworthy name in the domain. Looking ahead, the company plans to widen their talent pool and also aims to expand the business into next level.

Quick Facts:

Year of Inception - 2012

Funding Information – Self Funded

Founding Members – SB Suryawanshi

Office Location – Andheri East, Mumbai

Total Headcount - 5