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November - 2015 issue
"One cannot build a company with fear," remarks Venkat Mattela, CEO of Redpine Signals. He does no... more>>
Six Tips for CIOs to Follow
Ravi Naik - CIO, SanDisk
Ravi Naik, SVP and CIO for SanDisk, a global leader in flash storage solutions, believes that in ord... more>>
October - 2015 issue
When you first meet self-made millionaire, Pranav Dalal, you are instantly struck by his remarkable ... more>>
In today’s evolving business landscape, the global Food and Water Ecosystem is strugglin... more>>
August - 2015 issue
At his first summer job, working for $3.50 an hour in an electronics shop, little had Kenneth Kannap... more>>
As the world becomes one big information system influenced by IoT, more and more organizations are o... more>>
July - 2015 issue
Ajay Banga, caught the imagination of the world when he spoke about wonders of cashless society afte... more>>
The consumerization of IT has brought forth a new way for customers to interact with businesses: mob... more>>
June - 2015 issue
The turgid nature of enterprise-wide software applications is in stark contrast to the organizations... more>>
There are close to 3.4 million (34 Lac) Indian-Americans in USA. In 2012 Presidential elections, it ... more>>
May - 2015 special issue
There is a continuous rise in Indian founded tech companies in the U.S. These companies have recei... more>>
"There are great benefits of owning and providing a range of IT solution products to clients. Howev... more>>
May - 2015 issue
It's a Friday night, and a 25 year old bespectacled man is waiting at an airport terminal, his flig... more>>
Collaboration: Enterprise Secret Weapon against Rapidly
Nat Natarajan - CTO, SVP-Product and Engineering Consumer Tax Group, Intuit
Change is constant. This is proven over and over again in our lives. While change occurs naturally, ... more>>
April - 2015 issue
When Aryaka was founded in 2009, cloud computing was just beginning to pick up momentum within the e... more>>
CRMIT Solutions: PaaS and Mobility now Forges Cloud Bas
Vinod Reddy, - Founder and CEO, CRMIT Solutions
With little or no barrier of entry in adopting the cloud technology, companies now, are deploying nu... more>>
March - 2015 issue
The story behind Semtech's [NASDAQ:SMTC] mammoth success goes back five decades. A leading provider... more>>
One piece of good news: The semiconductor industry for the first time broke the $300 Bn barrier. The... more>>
February - 2015 issue
Last November, malicious perpetrators hacked their way into Sony Pictures, stealing terabytes of val... more>>
The Neo-Security Model
Pradeep Shankar
Every day there are new reports of highly organized cyber-attacks. A staggering number of organizati... more>>
January - 2015 issue
The growth of outsourcing in recent years is partly the result of a general shift in many business p... more>>
Calling upon the diaspora to participate in various programs like Make in India, Smart Cities, Swach... more>>