December - 2013 issue
The 2012 saw one of the most hyped IPOs in the U.S. i.e., Facebook's IPO. While the media went gaga... more>>
The knock-on effect from the Great Recession has been compelling consumers, investors, and lenders a... more>>
November - 2013 issue
SI 100
SI Team
The Indian entrepreneurial and technocrat community residing in the U.S. is ending 2013 on a high no... more>>
Cloud technology has truly been a game changer for many industries. Platforms such as salesforce.com... more>>
October - 2013 issue
AdeptPros' ideology revolves around enabling enterprise mobility through innovation and forward thin... more>>
IT service providers often have extensive experience designing and supporting companies' broader IT ... more>>
September - 2013 issue
Sonny Gupta: Defining Success Through Integrity For Sonny Gupta, President and CEO of Ma... more>>
The world today is not a very safe place to be. With natural and manmade disasters becoming widespre... more>>
August - 2013 issue
The mobile and web testing and monitoring market is becoming more complex by the day. Due to the int... more>>
As an enthusiastic 14 year old, Jaswinder (Manji) Matharu, once took apart a transistor radio in ord... more>>
July - 2013 issue
In Silicon Valley, accidental product pivots are the stuff of legend. While searching for a way to s... more>>
‘When the going gets tough, the tough gets going’, is the motto that Prateek Gattani, CEO, IDC T... more>>
June - 2013 issue
The power networks of the world utilize technologies that were first introduced over a century ago, ... more>>
Success comes with persistence and patience because only after the darkest hour comes the dawn. R... more>>
May - 2013 issue
Effective workforce management can be a major business pain point for companies of all sizes and sha... more>>
Based in San Diego, EdgeWave (NASDAQ:EWVE) develops and markets on demand, on premises, and hybri... more>>
April - 2013 issue
Arjun Gupta, the Founder of TeleSoft Partners, is a contrarian in every sense of the word. Having t... more>>
Immigration's Innovative Technology Leader Continues to Expand Products and Services for Immigrat... more>>
March - 2013 issue
Steven Gomez just landed his dream job in a software firm in lower Manhattan. After finding a new a... more>>
In a volatile and fiercely competitive world, businesses and organizations of all kinds are becoming... more>>
February - 2013 issue
The cloud security industries' primary focus is to enable organizations to adopt the cloud with conf... more>>
Last year, when Amir Khan Productions launched the ground breaking show, 'Satyamev Jayate,' the enti... more>>
January - 2013 issue
Venkat Mattela resisted the momentum of the great recession of 2001, tough competition to the tune o... more>>
"Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won’t so you can spend th... more>>