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December - 2011 issue
Growing from 60 to 600 plus people in a short span of three years in an extremely mature and competi... more>>
Two decades ago, on July 4, 1990, I traveled on a plane from Mumbai to Kansas City, Kansas, in the h... more>>
November - 2011 issue
The Serial Entrepreneur and Industry Innovator Venkat Mattela, CEO, Redpine Signals has proven hi... more>>
First came mainframes, shared by lots of people, followed by the personal computing era, and now, co... more>>
October - 2011 issue
Almost one fourth of the back end operations for financial transactions and customer support across ... more>>
The Past The United States and India are the world’s richest and largest democracies, re... more>>
September - 2011 issue
2008 was a year of grave challenges for Dr. Parag Pruthi. The moving in of a new tenant in their bui... more>>
Setting up your own venture is always a difficult task. It requires many sacrifices, a strong commit... more>>
August - 2011 issue
The mobile industry today is at a cross road. While on one hand, the network operators are reveling ... more>>
What keeps your business leaders up in the mid night? - Performance, Productivity, Profitability! A... more>>
July - 2011 issue
Ursheet Parikh and Guru Pangal’s office in Santa Clara is quite abuzz with activity. Their company... more>>
The Indian IT outsourcing industry is going through very exciting phase in its business life cycle. ... more>>
June - 2011 issue
The nightmares of the great recession are all in the past and now the world seems to be a very fair ... more>>
Multicultural marketing has always been a debated and doubted proposition. But if you are a Corporat... more>>
May - 2011 issue
It is quite rare in Silicon Valley for someone to achieve blockbuster success in back-to-back startu... more>>
For golf fans, April is a big month, a time for the biggest of the major tournaments – the Masters... more>>
April - 2011 issue
Established in 1999, Xchanging India, the Indian subsidiary of UK based Business Processing and Tech... more>>
If you spend enough time with CIOs from large enterprise organizations, you will hear the word “tr... more>>
March - 2011 issue
In anticipation of wedding – just over a month away – 26-year-old Nyla is excited. But she is eq... more>>
How to find relevent information in the digital age The Internet is everywhere. On TVs, ph... more>>
February - 2011 issue
The multi billion dollar ITeS industry is a competitive one and with big wigs like IBM and HP taking... more>>
My father was in the railways and he always wanted to be an entrepreneur. Just to realize his dream ... more>>
January - 2011 issue
The headquarters of Santa Clara based PlaySpan is bustling with activity and everyone including the ... more>>
When we started our operations in 1999, we were looking for the perfect location for our offshore de... more>>