December - 2003 issue
THE QUIET SMILE BELIES THE IRON WITHIN. When Ashoke Dutt selected Chennai in 1989 to set up a call c... more>>
NEW MEDIA OFTEN IMITATES OLD MEDIA before it finds its true footing. The early days of television re... more>>
November - 2003 issue
SEEMS THE RULE OF THUMB IN naming your next wireless LAN startup is to be inspired by an exotic isla... more>>
The Complete List--si100 2003
si Intelligence Bureau
So how have the siliconindians fared this year? Check out the 2003 edition of the si100 top 1... more>>
October - 2003 issue
Fit For Purpose
Karthik Sundaram
Nature does not discriminate,” says Udai Kumar, the co-founder and the CEO of Quinnox, “... more>>
U.S. RETURNEES NEED NOT APPLY,” WAS A COMMON REFRAIN in recruitment advertisements placed by many ... more>>
September - 2003 issue
THEY JUST KEEP ON KNOCKING DOWN CUSTOMERS and so the board and investors thought it would be wise to... more>>
DIGITAL MEDIA HAS UNDERGONE A REVOLUTION IN the last few years. From being the purview of a chosen f... more>>
August - 2003 issue
IT CAN BE A BLADE. IT CAN BE A CHIP. IT CAN ALSO BE PURE code. Today, it is a box called the XPE 200... more>>
DESPITE THE SOMETIMES-GRANDIOSE CLAIMS about open source software creating entirely new ways of deve... more>>
July - 2003 issue
In the 1850s, the booming railroad industry was facing severe shortage in manpower. The U.S. open... more>>
NO ONE EVER SAID OFFSHORE OUTSOURCING WAS easy. For some, the difficulties are just too much to over... more>>
June - 2003 issue
It is very simple to win a Nobel prize in Physics,” says Eli Goldratt, educator, author, scientist... more>>
Icarus i2 Falls
Rahul Chandran
WHEN SHOE MAKER GIANT NIKE HELD A BOTCHED i2 installation responsible for missing its 2000 third qua... more>>
May - 2003 issue
Deal Maker Judge
Karthik Sundaram
On 20.0 South, 57.5 East, east of Madagascar and less than a 1,000 miles south-east of the African c... more>>
THE ENTERPRISE OF THE FUTURE IS ONE IN WHICH every employee will be a mobile user and where every la... more>>
April - 2003 issue
The Vertical Victors
Karthik Sundaram
WHEN OUR TECHNICAL TEAM CALLS THE Oracle helpdesk, they know that the situation warrants total, imme... more>>
AT UNPRECEDENTED SPEED, Internet technology has permanently transformed business processes. The most... more>>
March - 2003 issue
MUCH OF HUMAN PROGRESS HAS COME ABOUT because someone invented a better and more powerful tool. Info... more>>
Hail A Web Service!
Velan Thillairajah
DO A GOOGLE SEARCH ON THE TERM “WEB Services” and you’ll come up with nearly three million hit... more>>
February - 2003 issue
CAESAR, VINOD DHAM’S GOLDEN-HAIRED Labrador, is given to loping around Dham’s hilltop estates in... more>>
HAVE YOU TURNED ON YOUR COMPUTER TODAY? Maybe turned on your air conditioning or started your car? I... more>>
January - 2003 issue
THE STOREFRONT WAS THE WEBSITE. THE STORE itself was a huge warehouse. Delivery was made by heavily ... more>>
Webpanditji: Post-retirement startup
Pradeep Shankar & Venkat Ramana
THE FICKLE HINDU CALENDAR FOLLOWS sidereal time (based on the positions of stars) and changes festiv... more>>

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