November - 2002 issue
IN THE EARLY EIGHTIES, when the rest of the world was just waking up to the thought of owning PCs, ... more>>
Destination DVD?
Rahul Chandran & Venkat Ramana
TRADITIONALLY, GOING TO THE MOVIES MEANS munching on popcorn and whispering messages in the dark. Bu... more>>
October - 2002 issue
SAMIR THAKORBHAI DESAI LOVES TO TELL stories. “Nobody is making money. Look at our customers. Veri... more>>
The current state of the enterprise software industry We feel that the value-creation fr... more>>
September - 2002 issue
Chairman of AAHOA (Asian American Hotel Owners Association), Mahesh “Mike” Amin is a third-gener... more>>
SEMICONDUCTORS/ EDA/ HARDWARE ARISTOS LOGIC: Aristos Logic was born in early 20... more>>
August - 2002 issue
AN ACADEMIC CAN BE GOOD CEO MATERIAL. You snigger. A CEO from academia, who also happens to be a w... more>>
IF YOU WANT A CAREER THAT is satisfying and provides for personal and professional growth, I w... more>>
July - 2002 issue
THE HISTORY OF civilizations is intricately linked to rivers. Egyptian settlements near the river Ni... more>>
WE HAVE BEEN FED MANY EXCITING scenarios that wireless can deliver. Everyday objects in our lives--i... more>>
June - 2002 issue
It’s early Saturday morning, and employees, sporting elaborate headphones and mikes, are already b... more>>
Conseco Chairman and CEO Gary Wendt made his name as the star b... more>>
May - 2002 issue
Last month, Lagaan became the first Bollywood production to score an Oscar nomination — eventually... more>>
K.R. Sridhar has a vision. In fast-developing nations like India and China, cell-phones have enabled... more>>
April - 2002 issue
December 9, 1971, 8:00 p.m.: INS Khukri, an Indian naval anti-submarine frigate, is torpedoed... more>>
Four thousand five hundred employees from Enron Corp. in Houston were laid off in the golden energy ... more>>
March - 2002 issue
The initial vision of virtual reality (VR) was laid out by Ivan Sutherland in his classic 1965 lectu... more>>
Beyond the cool package, how does the new iMac fundamentally differ from a conventional desktop P... more>>
February - 2002 issue
Dhirubhai Ambani made his mark as the pioneering architect of India’s famous industrial powerhouse... more>>
What’s a company to do when it runs out of funding in these tumultuous times? Unfortunately fo... more>>
January - 2002 issue
Dinesh Mody’s office floor is neatly lined with different versions of the tool that he believes wi... more>>
The timing seems to be just about right for Fidelica, a Milpitas, Calif.-based maker of fingerprint ... more>>

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