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December - 2016 special issue
Adoption of IP PBX is increasing tremendously and the market is likely to witness a magnificent grow... more>>
It was early October 2012 when Sharad Gupta and Anjali Garg at last selected a technology partner af... more>>
December - 2016 special issue
If the year 2016 has taught us anything, it's that the world is becoming more and more unpredictable... more>>
Globalization has put companies on the universal footprint, necessitating their professionals to hit... more>>
December - 2016 special issue
Outsourcing non-core business functions has been the norm for organizations for decades and has gone... more>>
The Future Landscape in the U.S. for Indians Taking the
Mark I. Davies, Global Chairman and Abhinav Lohia, Partner, Davies & Associates, LLC
President-Elect, Donald Trump's election has come as a surprise to the world. For many immigrants Tr... more>>
December - 2016 issue
In today's global economy, customer expectations are rising in every industry. For consumers the qua... more>>
The ripples of the growth can now be witnessed across a wide gamut of industry verticals, including ... more>>
November - 2016 special issue
Reliance Jio took mid-2016 by storm, while Airtel 4G blanketed 2015. Simply stating, the 4G revoluti... more>>
Despite the deployment of various valid techniques in recruitment process to reduce failure rate, hi... more>>
November - 2016 issue
Increasing customer expectations, ever changing regulations and rising competition are becoming powe... more>>
Revolution GST: Elixir to all Real Estate Ailments
Mahesh Gupta, President, PHD Chamber
GST – The game changing biggest indirect tax reform has been approved by the President of India po... more>>
October - 2016 special issue
Indian Real Estate market size is expected to increase from $121 billion to $853 billion by 2028 and... more>>
Startup India Movement has created an upbeat in the market, where people are perceiving startups as ... more>>
October - 2016 issue
Five Trends for Modern Fraud Strategies
Steve Platt, Executive VP - Fraud & Identity, Analytics and Decision Software, Experian
The fraud landscape is always changing at a faster pace than ever before. But with today's sophistic... more>>
Finally, the Internet of Things (IoT) is starting to mature, having a direct, positive impact on our... more>>
August - 2016 special issue
As digitalization has become inevitable, to fulfil their unique automaton requirements, businesses a... more>>
Battle Cards Out: It's Fintech vs. FIs
Ashok Kapoor, VP - Marketing, Newgen Software
Recently, one of my colleague, while transferring money to his wife's account, encountered an issue ... more>>
August - 2016 special issue
The online voyage marketplace has become the major wedge of Indian e-Commerce arena with its 70 perc... more>>
The wider smartphone adoption has triggered the spread of mobile malware. In light of this rapid gro... more>>
August - 2016 issue
The public relations service is not about building solutions and finding bugs, it is just about bein... more>>
Since its inception in 1986, Sutherland Global Services, one of the world's largest privately owned ... more>>
July - 2016 special issue
Omni-channel Experience & its Impact on Customers
Kartik Kakar, General Manager - Marketing, Ameyo
Digital transformation has radically improved the reach of enterprises across globe. Executives in d... more>>
Network Resilience & Security - The Right Tools, Pervas
Sunil Kalidindi, Vice President - Product Management, Ixia
An observer watching a bunker shot by legendary pro golfer Gary Player was heard to say, "I've never... more>>
July - 2016 issue
IoT has brought about many new opportunities, and companies around the world are jumping at the oppo... more>>
Ayla Networks, an IoT platform provider, secures $39 million in its series C funding led by Ants Cap... more>>
June - 2016 issue
Making Your Organization the Best Workplace
Krity Sharma, Head-People, Tesco Bengaluru
A google search on 'great place to work' gives about 80,20,00,000 results in 0.76 seconds! Extensive... more>>
The workplace Darwinism is not a myth anymore; fittest organizations survive and the rest go evanesc... more>>
May - 2016 special issue
In a quest to build a new capital city, the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh decided to launch many ... more>>
IoT and Security: Cause for Concern?
Robert Le Busque, MD-Sales Operations & Strategy, Verizon Enterprise Solutions
The Internet of Things (IoT) holds great promise for the future. Enterprises view IoT as a new reven... more>>
May - 2016 issue
The success of Instart Logic is the result of continuous learning that the company is always open to... more>>
Today, India is home to the fastest growing ecosystem of startups and entrepreneurs. The region is e... more>>
April - 2016 special issue
Secret Mantras to Jump over the Hurdles
Anubhav Anand, CEO & Co-Founder, Living Local
Let's face it- Startup is simply the beginning of the challenges that an entrepreneur has to face on... more>>
Tata Sky did not simply mention, "We plan to use Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform as a ... more>>
April - 2016 issue
Considered as a preferred destination for most of the major pharmaceutical and life sciences compani... more>>
It is undeniable that the healthcare IT industry has been on the rise for quite some time. Experts a... more>>
March - 2016 special issue
It's 3:30 AM in the morning at WittyFeed headquarters. For the team and the co-founders, this is the... more>>
India has come to the fore as one of the fastest growing market in terms of Enterprise Mobility, sto... more>>
March - 2016 special issue
Services Coupled With Solutions Will Be The Differentia
K Bhaskar, VP-Business Imaging Solutions (BIS) Division, Canon India
Gone are the days when people were twiddling their thumbs to get their malfunctioning products recti... more>>
Remember those old days when booking a bus ticket was no less than a nightmare, and how we used to g... more>>
March - 2016 special issue
World's perception about 'Cloud' has evolved significantly over the last few years. From just a 'coo... more>>
Case Management: Handling Unpredictability in Real Time
Virender Jeet, Sr. VP-Technology, Newgen Software
What is common between a customer escalation and a process exception? What follows a payment being c... more>>
March - 2016 special issue
If I tell you that people nowadays buy houses worth crores online without much physical interaction,... more>>
Software Asset Management - ROI & Challenges
Vikas Bhonsle, CEO, Crayon Software Experts India
The implementation of SAM in managing IT infrastructures is slowly gaining momentum. The adaption of... more>>
March - 2016 special issue
As ridiculous as it might sound, people nowadays utilize digital commerce to buy & sell almost every... more>>
Case Management: Handling Unpredictability in Real Time
Virender Jeet, Sr. VP-Technology, Newgen Software
Case Management is an enterprise platform that relies on real-time collaboration and the tacit knowl... more>>
March - 2016 issue
Medical devices are crafted with utmost care and supreme technologies, the foremost reason for these... more>>
Advent of Digital Disruptions and the Role of Security
Vic Mankotia, VP, Security & API Management, Asia Pacific & Japan, CA Technologies
We live in the application economy where businesses and most form factors are digital first. This is... more>>
February - 2016 issue
Security is the apicalconcern of CIOs. Spending on security products & services outpaces all other I... more>>
Seven Things You Need To Know About Chips In 2016
Guru Ganesan - Managing Director, ARM - India Operations
Due to the recent availabilty of pre-qualified, EDA agnostic, complete design kits (or hard macros),... more>>
January - 2016 special issue
Being one of world's most sought after talents,more than 70 percent (316,000) of the H-1B petitions ... more>>
The Factor Differentiating Successful Companies From Ot
Minoo D Dastur - President, COO & Co-Founder, Nihilent Technologies
Introducing change through IT, people and process interventions since 2000, Nihilent is a global ... more>>
January - 2016 issue
The evolution of Big Data and analytics has changed the way business decisions were made. Today, a f... more>>
Top IT Trends in 2016
Ram Prasad Mamidi - CIO, Tata Teleservices
A subsidiary of the Tata Group, Tata Teleservices Ltd. is a Mumbai headquartered broadband and te... more>>