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December - 2015 special issue
There are entrepreneurs who become leaders by following the paths others created. And then there are... more>>
Retaining Talent and Helping Women Get Back To Their Ca
Kiran Aidhi, Director-HR, Virtusa Corporation
It is an interesting age to be a career woman! They are breaking norms and asserting their presence ... more>>
December - 2015 special issue
What is common between Target, Primera Blue Cross, Anthem, Sony Pictures, Staples, Home Depot and JP... more>>
Wireless Network the Weakest Security Link in Enterpris
Jason Charles Nadar, National Manager - Advance Technologies, SAARC, Fortinet
Wireless networks have now become fairly common across Indian organisations. ... more>>
December - 2015 issue
Guest-centric technology from RezNext Global Solutions helps hoteliers leverage the boom in online b... more>>
Advanced Analytics & Machine Learning on Cloud - Creati
Anil Bhansali, Managing Director, Microsoft India (R&D)
Microsoft India (R&D) is one of the fastest growing subsidiary companies of Microsoft Corporation, t... more>>
November - 2015 special issue
Powered by Cloud, SD Squared simplifies Apps & Software development as easy as ordering from a McDon... more>>
Headquartered in Mumbai, Datamatics is a global IT solution provider which offers a wide range of so... more>>
November - 2015 issue
Accelerating technological and economic changes in the ever-dynamic business world have led business... more>>
Ransomware on Android & Infiltrated iOS: F-Secure Repor
Amit Nath, Country Manager, India & SAARC, F-Secure
Are smartphones the most lucrative target for cyber criminals? ... more>>
October - 2015 special issue
Disk or Tape? The ramifications of changing data prote
Ganesh Kuppuswamy, Director, Arcserve India & SAARC
Data protection practices are changing. Organisations today deal with a far broader and more complex... more>>
With the increasing digital infusion, retail businesses are scaling up to new heights, escalating to... more>>
September - 2015 special issue
India, with one of the largest customer base, has a tremendous amount of valiancy to welcome innovat... more>>
Jewellery has been festooning human figures since time immemorial. Whether it is the yellow metal or... more>>
September - 2015 special issue
Social has changed the world. A huge power shift is taking place, and consumers are increasingly eng... more>>
Founded in 1993, Red Hat ((NYSE: RHT)) is the world's leading provider of open source solutions... more>>
September - 2015 issue
According to eminent naturalist Charles Darwin, 'it is not the strongest of the species that survive... more>>
It is undoubtedly the freakiest days for the movie makers when it comes to releasing the movie... more>>
August - 2015 issue
Not to contradict with the common perception, but transformation is not brought on by large and poli... more>>
Top Trends Driving Big Data
By Sunil Jose, Managing Director, Teradata India
Teradata India is the Indian arm of Teradata Corporation (NYSE: TDC) which is dedicated to offering ... more>>
July - 2015 issue
Half of the world's population today has a mobile subscription. This is up from just one person in f... more>>
2015: The Year of Business Transformation
By Rajesh Janey, President - India & SAARC, EMC Corporation
EMC Corporation (NYSE:EMC) is a provider of data storage, information security, virtualization, anal... more>>
June - 2015 issue
Significance of Intellectual Property for Indian Softwa
By Bindu Sharma (Patent Attorney), CEO & Founder, Origiin IP Solutions LLP
Founded in 2010, Bangalore based Origiin IP Solutions LLP is a provider of complete IP solutions to ... more>>
Putting up a manufacturing unit, especially an automotive one is no joke as millions of dollars are ... more>>
June - 2015 special issue
Today, the role of human capital professionals has seized much more responsible mantle of strategic ... more>>
There is no denying that talent remains a decisive component of an organization's long term competit... more>>
May - 2015 special issue
Being creatures of habit, humans get acclimatized to whatever we do repeatedly... more>>
Top Technology Trends
By Janae Stow Lee, Senior Vice President of Strategy, Quantum
Quantum (NYSE: QTM) is an expert in scale-out storage, archive and data protection providing solutio... more>>
May - 2015 issue
Top Technology Trends
By Janae Stow Lee, Senior Vice President of Strategy, Quantum
Quantum (NYSE: QTM) is an expert in scale-out storage, archive and data protection providing solutio... more>>
With the influx of IoT, wearables and newer and newer versions of smartphones and memories, semicond... more>>
April - 2015 issue
The dream castles of nearly all emerging technologies are built on the cornerstone of Semiconductors... more>>
2015: The Year it Should Be..
By Gaurav Sharma, Research Manager, Enterprise Computing, IDC India
International Data Corporation (IDC) is the global provider of market intelligence, advisory service... more>>
March - 2015 special issue
Arguably, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) in India is at its infancy.... more>>
India Poised to Take the Lead in Emerging Trends and Te
By Ramesh Loganathan, Vice President & Managing Director, Progress Software
Progress Software (NASDAQ: PRGS) is a 1981 founded global software company offering enterprise integ... more>>
March - 2015 special issue
Numerous surveys stress the magnitude of customer focus, which is forecasted to even eclipse product... more>>
It's Time To Rethink about 'Employee Engagement'
By Siddharth Reddy, Managing Director, BI WORLDWIDE
Founded in 1950, BI WORLDWIDE is a provider of Customer Loyalty Programs, channel & sales incentive ... more>>
March - 2015 issue
Today's uncertain economy and unsteady job-market has inspired many to walk toward their dream of ha... more>>
One of the fastest developing tier II cities in the state of Tamil Nadu, Coimbatore is already at th... more>>
February - 2015 issue
When a multinational telecom services company in India declared its plan to raise the price of its V... more>>
Why Content is the Enterprise Mobility Goal for Indian
Jeff Baum, Managing Director - Asia Pacific, AirWatch by VMware
The mobile office is a reality in today's world, and an increasing number of employees are accessing... more>>