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November - 2016 issue
When the competition becomes tough, retaining ethics becomes tougher, and the output is probably som... more>>
The Promise of Fintech
Krishna Thacker, Director-Financial Empowerment, Metlife
India's identity as a tech hub and start-up leader is the stuff of legend at this point but this leg... more>>
October - 2016 issue
Five Point Agenda Every Startup Should Follow to Multip
Krishna R.K, Founder & CEO, BlueTree Consultancy
The fact that half the small businesses fail within first 5 years of their inception doesn’t come ... more>>
A recent study to understand why startups fail revealed that poor products only accounted for 17 per... more>>
September - 2016 issue
"The ability to learn faster than your competitor may be the only sustainable competitive advantage.... more>>
"Thank you Prakash! Your session was the highlight of our weekend and was something that all of us w... more>>