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Tvashtaa Data Solutions

Tvashtaa Data Solutions

About the Company

Established in 2017, Tvashtaa Data Solutions is a young firm which was set up with the intention and strong belief of making BigData Analytics training and Data Science/Analytics training available easily and effectively to those seeking it. The firm strives to lead the way with their industry ready curriculum which is taught to the students by Doctorates and Professionals experienced in the stream. Tvashtaa collectively holds more than 35 years’ of industrial experience and are capable enough to pave the way for creating a means to
up-skill individuals who are curious about the field and also those who are looking to work in today’s one of the sought after roles in the industry.

Current Market Landscape

The resources available at this hour for a candidate to learn and pick up any skill are vast and almost unlimited. The arrival of online self-learning platforms and its easy accessibility on hand-held devices has disrupted the means of traditional education. It is important to note that these online libraries of knowledge have by no means deterred those who run conventional establishments but in fact challenged them to add greater values to their services. After all these advancements in our country, it maybe still safe to say that education with a personal touch is generally well appreciated.

At the same time, vocational training institutes are encouraged to grow in our educational system to meet market trends. It should be realized that the splendid goals of our Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modiji to ‘Make in India’ should be extended to such institutions as much as it has been fruitful in encouraging the creation of the startup atmosphere and mindset amongst the masses. This exercise of addressing the need for skill based training can definitely be the backbone of ‘Make in India’. The markets and reviews from Gartner to KPMG indicate phenomenal growth in Big Data Analytics. Within the Indian industry, the work is still in progress and when the real transformation comes, the requirement of new and advanced skills is going to explode. With the triggering of such a massive event, the number of Big Data and Analytics training institutes is bound to grow by 10 fold in future.

Addressing the Challenges

The major courses offered by Tvashtaa Data Solutions are BigData Analytics, Data Analytics Using “R”, Advanced Data Analytics and Python with Data Sciences. The firm’s team educates customers by informing them of the importance of each of the courses offered with a dedicated demo session for all courses. The demo session would briefly cover the curriculum, the present day industrial situation and the scope of the course by also helping them understand the value of what their investment is giving them. Tvashtaa prepares the trainee first to take up either Data Analytics using “R” and then goes with BigData Analytics or Python.

Tvashtaa Data Solutions does a lot of mentoring & coaching of the students before joining and stressing upon the importance of the courses. The firm believes in overall excellence, hence during the training period it ensures the trainee is provided with fully loaded labs, theory sessions, doubt-clearing sessions, assignments and more. Towards the end of their course Tvashtaa Data Solutions offers mock interviews and helps the trainee with CV preparation tips and also the biggest role it plays is ensuring that it talks to companies recruiting workforce for similar roles and trying to match the trainee to the role on offer. Tvashtaa Data Solutions’ key energy has been in providing training, but importantly helping groom them like a real Data Analyst.

Differentiating Factors

Tvashtaa Data Solutions offers students/partners the complete satisfaction for their invested money in the course, enabling them to obtain real time understanding and use of the subject they learn. Tvashtaa follows the CRISP methodology of Data mining when teaching Data Analytics which is the method that gives importance to businesses. The firm caters to all modes of learning be it be online, classroom and clients location, and ensures deliverables are on time and match the expectations while striving for excellence.

Tvashtaa Data Solutions focuses on experiential learning on relevant tools like Python and R. This is achieved through an experiential learning format wherein participants practice exercises and assignments on software package such as Excel, R and Python. We do more than what a training institute does apart from just developing them on the vocational course, we ensure the students get overall grooming, ready for the industry to absorb them. For this we do make efforts to tie up with companies to pick our trained candidates. We also conduct Faculty Development Programmes at various universities and provide vocational training in the field of Analytics at a few. We also work with many national and multinational companies to cater to their objectives of up skilling and even re-skilling individuals.

Organizational Culture

At Tvashtaa, the firm operates on a flat organization culture which empowers faculty and staff to plan the employee programmes. They arrange expert lectures, mock interviews and discussion forums for students. The success of any business firm is very much dependent on its missions and values, and it is the culture practiced across Tvashtaa that is driving the success of business and performance as a vocational training firm catering to the vast needs of the industry. The firm believes that culture is how things get done, and as long as Tvashtaa serves every segment from online to corporate clients, this keeps its team engaged and encouraged to excel at every step. This drives immense job satisfaction and commitment towards the company, hence improving the overall relationship quality with the company.

Harbouring Innovation

Tvashtaa Data Solutions discusses with faculties after the completion of every batch and receives feedback for improvements in future batches which eventually contributes to the “WoW” factor for students coming to the institute. The firm encourages the students to think rationally while trying to work on projects individually but also learn more as a group. Starting its operations on classroom training model, today, Tvashtaa has furthered its scope into online training and other programmes. The firm’s constant innovation and ample knowledge about the market is what has helped Tvashtaa Data Solutions get better day by day.

Setting Milestones

Tvashtaa Data Solutions has registered a growth of 70 percent in 2018. Pleased with the firm’s performance over the year, Tvashtaa feels that there is more scope to increasing it’s branding and evolve eventually. The institutes believes that there is more to be done and although the journey of the institute until now has been more of classroom training sessions at the office, slowly and steadily the firm has shifted its courses on online platforms to carry out online trainings. From carrying out trainings in office, to online training sessions, today, Tvashtaa Data Solutions has branched into the completion of more faculty development programmes at universities and addressed graduates from business schools pursuing courses in management and analytics. We now also have started corporate trainings.

Go-to-Market Plans

Tvashtaa Data Solutions believes that digital marketing drive and a faculty of highly educated doctorates with vast teaching experience have aided the firm to where it stands today. Focused teaching on application aspects of BigData Analytics and Data Sciences being one of the greatest needs of the hour, the academy constantly tries to do its best to stay updated with the same. Tvashtaa Data Solutions’ tailor-made teaching materials are best fit to meet the qualification requirement of today’s firms.

Aiming to be recognized in the industry as a vocational training institute catering to all the market needs in analytics, Tvashtaa Data Solutions makes every effort to ensure that all the customers are served with highest standard of services. In the years to come, Tvashtaa Data Solutions envision ranking amongst the topmost training companies in India in Data Science and Big Data Analytics. Although, in just eye-shut time, the firm has gained a good brand name for itself, the firm still ensures that the quality and cost effective training is provided to increase individual enrichment.

Tvashtaa Data Solutions plans to conduct seminars on a regular basis to ensure business continuity while it continues working towards writing the book that will be published as a course book for regular engineering students and business graduates.

Quick Facts:

  1. Year of Inception – 2017
  2. Funding Information – Self funded
  3. Office Location – Narayanguda & Madhapur, Hyderabad
  4. Total Headcount – 15
  5. Website –