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About the Company

Simplilearn is the world’s largest professional certification company and one of the biggest players in the Edutech space. The firm works with companies and working professionals to address their unique learning needs. Simplilearn has trained over 500,000 professionals with a rich catalog of 400+ courses. It experiences 1.5 M traffic per month and 50 percent of its learner base is in India.

Current Market Landscape

Today big data is the backbone of every industry. All are slowly transitioning from the technology-driven era to the data-driven era. All social media channels and internet in general is a treasure-trove of personal data which can be used for targeted marketing and analytics. Manipulating and analyzing this voluminous and unstructured data require Big Data skills which results in the urgent need for training. This is generally available in two modes:

Companies managing training in-house with their L&D team

Short term industry focused trainings provided by Edutech companies

Addressing the Challenges

The primary challenge is to bridge the gap between new technology and industry application. While new methods of handling data are being developed the trainings available needs to be on par with the industry application of these technologies. The trainings cannot just be theoretical. They must have industry level projects and recent examples to provide participants the correct exposure. The required infrastructure to get trained is also difficult and expensive to assemble. This is where Edutech providers step in. With the continuous influx of new technology and their adaption into industry processes professional education providers need to continuously upgrade their offerings in terms on content and projects to stay in line.


Simplilearn has multiple Big Data offerings but the primary skills are Hadoop.  and Spark. The firm is also introducing courses to integrate these Big Data technologies with R and Python resulting in RHadoop and PyHadoop trainings, which is the best of both big data and data science worlds.

Apart from the regular courses, Simplilearn also has a social responsibility to spread knowledge and awareness of the new technologies. It authors a number of articles and organize webinars by our industry acclaimed advisors and trainers and all interested professionals are invited to read and be a part of the same.

Differentiating Factors

The primary differentiating factor is the hands-on experience through Cloudlabs. Big Data required hadoop clusters and we provide an on-cloud platform to practice our big-data projects and assignments. It is unique in the industry and removes all installation hassles from the user end.

Simplilearn’s training services are provided by two modes: self-paced training and online Flexipass. The Flexipass is a unique product in the industry which provides the learner access to all on-going batches of online instructor led training for a period of 90 days. This gives the desired flexibility to the learner to attend training at his own convenience and to get any doubts clarified.The Flexipass also provides a 180 day free access to our high quality e-learning content.

The Flexipass feature enables Simplilearn to provide learners with the best trainers from across the globe. It complements the content with industry relevant examples and projects to provide the best training experience. Its On Demand support is always present to ensure that the clients’ queries are promptly addressed.


Though Simplilearn is primarily a B2C company, some of its corporate clients include IBM, HP and Capgemini.

Organizational Culture

Simplilearn is a young organization with some exemplary talent and leadership. It promotes a very open culture and free exchange of ideas. The senior leadership ensures they keep in touch with the team members and keep them apprised of recent developments. Employee programs include team and organization level discussions and events which help them to enjoy the workplace interaction even more.

Harboring Innovation

The flat organization provides a very good platform for presenting ideas. No questions are discouraged and the flexibility of a young organization enables Simplileran to quickly pounce on any new and meritorious idea. Employee contribution is well recognized and teams are kept well informed which makes everyone feel a part of the game and motivated. Weekly business review meetings ensure all teams can put their heads together and help each other address issues rather than working in silos. Finally the strong talent in the organization ensures there is never a dull moment and there is always a flow of strong ideas.

Go-to-Market Plans

Simplilearn has already proven its mettle in India with huge traffic and revenue. Its presence in the US is also getting stronger with every passing day and it plans to make the most of the momentum. Then next step would be to tackle the global Edutech giants and become a part of the top three in the world in the next five years.

Quick Facts

1) Year of founding: 2009

2) Funding information: $ 28 Million                    

3) Founding members: Krishna Kumar