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Ivy® Professional School (Ivy)

Ivy® Professional School (Ivy)

About the Company

Ivy® Professional School (Ivy) is a pioneer in the big data analytics and data science training fields in the country and is the official training partner of companies like Genpact, HSBC, eBay/Paypal, ICRA, ITC, Capgemini, Cognizant,mJunction, Lexmark Inc., etc. Since its inception in 2007, IVY has trained over 10,000 participants from 10+ countries, 50+ corporates and 100+ colleges (including IIMs, IITs, ISIs, etc.). Recently, Ivy conducted several class-room based face to face Risk Analytics batches in Dallas, Texas (US) for a large analytics firm. Ivy has consistently been one the country’s Top ranked Big data and Business Analytics schools over the years. (Source: Analytics India magazine)

Current Market Landscape

These are interesting times for the Analytics Industry. On one hand more and more students and professionals are taking up Analytics training as an added skill set to improve their career prospects while on the other hand, small and mid-sized companied have woken up to the importance of data Analytics in making their businesses successful. Note worthy, there are currently huge numbers of Analytics based start ups in India (almost 500+ in Bangalore itself). Hence the need for training has increased manifold.

Addressing the Challenges

The challenges in India are more to do with the availability of skilled and experienced Analytics professionals for the top notch Analytics job roles. Students or professionals need to continuously upgrade their skill sets to meet the new and dynamic requirements of this Industry.

Ivy is focused at making the best and latest Analytics skill sets available to students. The firm has been the pioneers in Analytics Training since way back in 2007 when the Analytics wave had not yet hit the country. Since Ivy is the official learning partner of Large Analytics firms, it constantly updates and upgrades its curriculum according to the current industry norms. Also, the firm keeps including more and more tools (R, SAS, Hadoop, Scala, Spark, SQL, VBA, etc.) for students to keep upgrading themselves. Ivy has recently launched its course on Machine Learning with Python which is normally not available as a specialized course to students in the classroom (Bangalore, Kolkata, Delhi, Pune) and online learning mode.


Ivy conducts corporate trainings for its clients on varied subjects including Big Data, Analytics, Data Science, IT, Finance, Foreign Languages, Soft Skills, Leadership Skills, Team Building, and others. The courses that are offered at Ivy Professional School are:

1.  Business Analytics Certification

2.  Big Data Analytics Certification

3.  Data Visualization Certification

4.  Diploma in Data Sciences

5.  Machine Learning with Python

6. Advanced Analytics Certification on Financial Risk, Financial Marketing, Retail, Web, Machine Learning and Health Care)

Differentiating Factors

Every Analytics course conducted at Ivy includes -

1.  Live / Industry Projects and Internships based on data from real companies

2. Skill development on Analytical Problem Solving, Career Enhancement Skills.

Ivy also prepares its students for International Certifications:

1.  SAS Business Analyst

2.  EMC Data Scientist

Since Ivy is the official training partner to Large Analytics companies, the course content is at par with the industry requirements.


Capgemini, Genpact, Moody’s Analytics, Cognizant, ITC Ltd., eBay/paypal, HSBC, and others.

Organizational Culture

Ivy follows a very open and informal environment that supports out of box thinking and creativity. The firm urges its employees to upgrade their skill sets just as it does for its students.

Harboring Innovation

Ivy staunchly believes in mentoring employees while giving them freedom to carry out their jobs in the way that they feel comfortable in. They are not only given the responsibility for their jobs but also the authority to take decisions.

Go-to-Market Plans

Ivy is currently looking at increasing its reach in the country both in the corporate training space as well as the retail space. The firm is investing to open new offices across the country and to better its online offerings for wider global reach. Its prime focus is delivery of the most updated content by the best in class experienced faculty.

Quick Facts

1. Year of founding: 2007

2. Funding information: Self / customer revenue                       

3. Founding members: Prateek Agrawal, Eeshani Agrawal

4. Office locations: Kolkata (corporate office), Bangalore, New Delhi, Pune

5. Company strength: 11 to 50 employees

6. Website: