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Shaheed Path Justifying Its Name






Respected Sir,


This is with reference to the constructed Shaheed Path in Lucknow with an estimated length of Aprox.  23 Kms and annual casualties arising from it which may require introspection in the facilities and safety measures taken while completing the project and subsequently as the time demands.


Introduction –


It was a dream project of former Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee, who represented the Lucknow constituency in the Lok Sabha. It was started in 2001 and was scheduled for completion in 2004, but due to regime change and shortage of funds it got delayed and was finally completed only in 2012.


Length – Approximately 23 Kms in length and covering  Lucknow-Kanpur Road (NH-25) with Lucknow-Faizabad (NH-28) via Lucknow-Sultanpur Road (NH- 56). The total stretch of the flyover is 22.5 kilometers. The four-lane flyover has a uniform width and each side of the divider is 8.75 metres wide. Starts from Transport nagar at Kanpur Road and meets at Chinhat at Faizabad Road.


Advantage / Use-


It is a 6 lane express highway for the traffic from Kanpur Road or Faizabad Road vice versa to go to other highways coming along the bypass. The flyover has service lanes and under passes at NH-56 and NH-24 that links it to Lucknow-Sultanpur and Lucknow-Rae Bareli national highways respectively. Besides this, the flyover has been connected to the various important localities like Gomtinagar and Gomtinagar extension to allow residents to use the facility accordingly. There are though isolated spots, which have been left incomplete.


Important – Sir seen in the full length of highway which is nearly 23 Kms there are almost negligible number of speed breakers and more improper cuts which are important aspect of road traffic accidents occurring on it at annual basis either in summers and more in winters.


Recently a teacher had to lose her life when her scooty got slam in standing truck without any lights playing. Subsequently very next day there were two narrowly missed accidents without any casualties and the very basic reasons behind that was improper cuts which are made by the public for creating short cuts and absence of electric light system being installed on the total length of highway.


As seen in any developed country infrastructure and their developmental skills any highway which is constructed constitutes following facilities


1 Good Number of Speed breakers either constructed on entry or exit points of highway.


 2 If the highway is connecting major length of the city and connecting important colonies then speed breakers should be encouraged either at the junction point of Highway with colony or the connecting road or as the colony is approaching whichever is better.


2 Light poles with appropriate electricity should be there covering the whole length of highway as found appropriate. Many accidents which occurred on Shaheed Path are due to lack of improper electricity and poor vision associated with it. Passengers cannot see the standing vehicle and got ram into it. This is an important feature identified as the common feature in most of the casualties resulted on it.


3 Speed breakers if being planned should be in white color so that it can be view from distance and the passenger can control the speed.


4 The short cuts and dangerous cuts which are there should be closed with immediate effect as to ensure safe driving for the lane passengers.


5 This highway is not connected to the local networking of ambulance / highway ambulances at some junction common point as to ensure the timely transportation of injured to nearby hospitals this has to be given priority for passenger’s safety.


6 Even if the facility is there, their contact numbers are not being displayed on it hence it has to be checked as to minimize the tally of annual road traffic accidents


7 Installation of Mobile police vans / Unit on it can be initiated as to ensure timely transportation and minimizing the time which is consumed in legal aspects of handling such issues.


8 The boundaries of this highway requires an review by the concerned authorities


9 If convinced with above mentioned 01-08 points , The Competent Authority can work a plan to initiate some safety protocols for the passengers and if found appropriate can be installed on other national highways.


10 It has been observed in the fact that front page of leading news papers are filled with news of accidents and casualties resulted in road traffic accidents on Shaheed path almost on daily basis

Ref – Dated 19/12/2013 – Dainik Jagran News – A Teacher lost her life when her scooty had slammed into standing truck on Shaheed path . Cause She was not able to see the truck due to fog had their been lights possibility of saving her life was more.


Ref – Dated 20/12/13 – Dainik Jagran News – Two narrow missed accidents were reported where there was no casualty but precipitating factor in initiating the things was improper cuts from where a heavy vehicle suddenly comes


With reference to the above mentioned news May I request the consideration of appropriate and competent Authorities  to have some plan /s to initiate regarding passengers safety on Shaheed Path in Lucknow so that we can minimize the number of accidents and casualties which are occurring on daily basis in some way or other and making news paper headlines


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