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Sandhya Mehta

Sandhya Mehta

Social Media Evangelist at Walko, Walkover Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Innovative way to save data in 2013

However systematic you may be, searching saved data always takes a toll. Tell me if I am wrong. Internet is a vast-vast pool of information. The moment you Google a word, you get several links for it. Some undoubtedly very informative and some equally crap. The cumulative information you get from all of it is so much that it is practically not possible to read it and perceive it all at once. So the only option you have is to save it for the later times when you can go through it.

Now, the real problem commences. You keep on stacking the saved data in the wait for free time. And, when finally you get time for yourself you don’t get the data you saved. It is hiding under multiple layers of folders and files. I hope this happens with everyone using internet.

This year search the saved data online. saveandsearch is a website which provides the service of saving your data online. Save today what you want to search tomorrow. You no longer have to wait until you get to the system where you saved your data. The best thing about searching your data online is that you can access it anywhere and everywhere. The second benefit to it is that you don’t have to juggle with multiple files and folders in order to search your saved data. Just type in the name by which you saved it and you get all the URLs you saved related to that one name.

So, this New Year, upgrade the way you save your data. Do not fear of privacy in saving your data online. It is quite oblivious to fear saving data online because of the internet thefts and increasing cyber-crimes. Save and search respects your privacy and takes all the measures to keep you safe. Right at the time of saving your data, you get an option to save it publicly, so that anybody can access it and use it or else save it privately, that is only you have the access to it. SO the ball is in your court here.

You can also access the URLs others might have saved on a given topic; this probably saves your time of following the link channel to reach up to a good website URL. To find your saved data you can just type in your mail ID and you get all the data you have been saving till date.