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Garima Mishra

Garima Mishra

Escalation Engineer UCS, Cisco

Go Get Your World !!!

Peggy, a naïve "new girl" at Sterling Cooper, was originally Draper's secretary, but showed surprising talent and initiative, including a knack - similar to Drapers' - for understanding the consumers. Don promotes her to copywriter, and she ultimately accepts a Creative Director position.
Peggy sits in the photo copy room, allotted to her, and talk to customer and win a big deal for her company. She goes and sits outside the big boss’s office and waits. When he arrives, she asks for her own room as given to other men of her level. She doesn’t hesitate and says she has won a deal and she can win more but she can’t be effective, talking to customer in that photo copy room full of noise and people coming and going. Boss looks at her confidence and belief and says she can take it.

This is a story taken from a popular TV series "Mad Men"

Women have evolved with time. From being admin assistants and secretaries to being engineers, managers to the board room executives.
The scene mentioned above portrays how women have proved themselves and made their place and reached where they are today.

To make any demand or getting equal status, most of the women in past and present have gone extra mile to achieve the result and then sat
confidently to have a conversation to demand and get what they want.

There is another scene in the series, where the advertising firm is looking for a tag line for advertising a new brand of lipsticks their customer wants to sell to get the deal signed.
For this they call all the secretaries and present them a tray of different shades of lipsticks. Everyone picks one of their favorites and uses them for hours in front of a mirror. They use a tissue to dab what is on and to remove one shade and put another.
The mirror is two sided and executives are watching to derive ideas. They find Peggy doesn’t pick any. She sits and watch. When everyone is gone and an executive comes to collect the trash bin to see which shade was used the most she says “ take your bag of kisses” and when asked, she says she didn’t pick any because may be she didn’t like any shade.
The lipstick brand is sold with the tag “ bag of kisses”.

Its amazing to watch Peggy the character. She showcases her skill and talent in such a way that can amaze any one. She keeps her persona different by her dressing style and how she talks and walks and that makes her standout too. Away from pretention she stands out as an honest and talented employee.

We are in a crowd of men and women. To standout and get noticed, one needs to create a special individual persona and aura. You need to portray a distinct approach, personality and talent. This needs hard work, dedication and patience. The rest will follow.

Being in an environment , where we have more men and less women, can work in few ways to our advantage and few to our disadvantage. Because you are the only women, you will be noticed for sure. Your plus and minuses will also be noticed in the same way.
At times you won’t find your self comfortable joining your team mates for smoke, lunch outside or conversation on sports etc. You might think, being a different gender you could not connect and have rapport with your team mates in the same way a male employee can. You might also face questions more on life and work balance and at times people might step on you and throw their preconceived opinion of gender bias on you.

These might hit you for a second but don’t let it affect you more than that. There are many other ways to connect. There are many other ways to answer their opinionated questions .

The disadvantage or criticism are like hurdles, you see their height, you think within yourself that you can jump over it and then jump over it to be ready to do the same for another. If you think a lot over it , you will remain at this side of the hurdle always.
You can remain a woman and how you are as an individual and connect with people in your team and outside. You don’t need to change your personality and become a man. You have to learn to shine like a diamond to grab everyone’s attention. Hard work, dedication, solid preparation and homework for an event, good and friendly communication, openness and willingness to share are key strength. You need to walk an extra mile to take initiatives, showcase what you did, smile and smile some more and move on.
Observe the people around, spread positive energy by discussing positive thoughts and ideas and appreciations.
Don’t let difficult people/situation to destroy you. Stay calm and focused and have child like mentality to learn more and share more.

Over the years women have struggled, learnt new ways and today they are Industry leaders, CEOs, entrepreneurs, doctors, engineers and key decision makers in the world. They have learnt to strike a balance between home and office and art of equality.

With so many mentors, their stories and experiences, nothing can stop you.

Now there is no scope to crib and shed tears.
This is the time for action as the show is already on.
Go win your world now!!!