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Siliconindia Network members contribute some valuable advices and suggestions from their professional life for current and upcoming professionals. Selected messages are mentioned below:
Khushboo  Chandwani
By Khushboo Chandwani, Cognos Solution Designer - IBM India Pvt Ltd
Being patient and enthusiastic to learn things is really important.There are times when one gets frustrated from a situation an... more>>
Arvind Kumar Rastogi
By Arvind Kumar Rastogi, Sales  - Vaishnavi Group
For motivate their team: Make sales call with them Take their lead and convert the leads for them Always give them atleast f... more>>
Nitin  Kumar
By Nitin Kumar, Solution Architect - Net ProActive Services
Concentrate your efforts especially in penultimate and final year of your academic sessions on practical studies or attaining s... more>>
Mohan Waman Limaye
By Mohan Waman Limaye, Manager Human Resources - HiMedia Laboratories Pvt.Ltd.
Be open in thoughts, behavior and actions, be practical and alert, then only we as a HR professionals work as a strategic partn... more>>
Velan  Vaithilingam
By Velan Vaithilingam, Marketing Consultant - Free Lancer - Marketing Consultant
It is very important. The customer has to perceive the value of an organization and the product. This could happen only throu... more>>
Manoranjan  Sahoo
By Manoranjan Sahoo, National sales Head-Retail - Reliance Life Insurance
Work hard, get the 1st hand experience in the field,set your smart goals,learns and un learn regularly, understand the subject,... more>>
Ravi  Odhavia
By Ravi Odhavia, SME (Subject Mater Expert) - TCS ( Tata Consultancy Services)
Love what you do or do what you love. If you are not in love with your job leave it before it is too late, because as the years... more>>
Rumana  Khan
By Rumana Khan, Channels Coordinator - Novateur Electrical & Digital Systems Pvt. Ltd.
Not an expert to give advice or suggestion but if HR leaders trust, motivate or appreciate their team then it would create posi... more>>
Sheetal  Shinde
By Sheetal Shinde, HR Manager - Enlighted Energy Systems Pvt.Ltd
Most companies leave a tremendous amount of human potential unrealized because their people are inadequately developed. Talente... more>>
Jay Sukla
By Jay Sukla , CEO - Ankit Metal and Power Limited
When you deal with people, deal with heart, when you deal with yourself deal with head. Dealing with heart with people means ma... more>>
Anl  Madhavann
1. Give up task that do not generate value-additions (and people too). 2. Never ever give up tryiing to improve present bet... more>>
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