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Siliconindia Network members contribute some valuable advices and suggestions from their professional life for current and upcoming professionals. Selected messages are mentioned below:
Nived  Varma
By Nived Varma, CEO - Dunatos Learning Inc
Don't have inertia for learning, Never Stop Learning, Sit down every 3 months with your resume and find out what value addition... more>>
Khem  Raj
By Khem Raj, Online Marketing , Tangence Inc. - Vinove Software and Services Pvt.Ltd.
I don’t think I am suitable enough to be advising upcoming management leaders yet. Just a learning from my own experience tho... more>>
Hari  P K
By Hari P K, Director - BFSI Practice @ KG Financial Software - K G Financial Software Pvt Ltd
Becoming a leader could sometimes be easy – by virtue of being appointed as one owing to the qualifications/other external fa... more>>
Shubhendu  Singh
By Shubhendu Singh, Engineering with an Entrepreneurial... - FoOfys solution
Are you interested in what you are choosing your profession as? As he/she will be spending most of his/her time working. So giv... more>>
Imtiyaj  Kaji
By Imtiyaj Kaji, FOUNDER-DIRECTOR - Ariem Technologies Pvt Ltd.
Every individual is special and is bestowed by The Creator with special capabilities; maximize your capabilities by helping hum... more>>
Siddhartha  Sarkar
By Siddhartha Sarkar, Director - XPT Software P Ltd
Management team: Leadership team is expected to Think. The moment they don’t invest in their knowledge they have challenges. ... more>>
Pradipta  Chatterjee
By Pradipta Chatterjee, HR / OD Consultant - Icon Consultancy Services
I would like them to believe something before doing it, which would form the basis of conviction. People management skills sho... more>>
Guruprasad  Hegde
By Guruprasad Hegde, Founder and CEO - RealGuruu.com - RealGuruu
Learn Technologies which is relevant, join courses at reputed institutes & not just for certificate! Once you start keep yourse... more>>
Suresh  Avantsa
By Suresh Avantsa, Founder, Managing Director - hubVirt Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. - hubVirt Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Don’t just compare/compete with your peers on salary terms. Compete and collaborate with your peers to improve your skills as... more>>
Abhishek  Sharma
By Abhishek Sharma, Product Manager - Freshersworld.com
Sales is the ultimate goal of any commercial entity as it is this function who generate revenue for entity which ensures its sm... more>>
Vinay  Joshi
By Vinay Joshi, Software Engineer - NextGen Invent Ventures Noida
What To Do . 1 - He must have Basic knowledge about the technology he used like c# he know all the coding guide lines and keyw... more>>
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