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Siliconindia Network members contribute some valuable advices and suggestions from their professional life for current and upcoming professionals. Selected messages are mentioned below:
Arpit  Jain
By Arpit Jain, Founder - Promatics
I believe entrepreneurs are catalysts for social change. You should develop a strong personality and be ready to face any chall... more>>
Rajiv  Negandhi
By Rajiv Negandhi, CFO & Company Secretary - JSW Severfield Structures, Mumbai
I go by gut feeling and take decisions which I believe is right under the given circumstances. One has to take risks to get... more>>
Mansoor  Shaikh
By Mansoor Shaikh, Digital Marketing Manager - Connasys.com Pvt Ltd
If you dont have interest in this field dont come in. You must always work in the field that suites you and your interest. You ... more>>
Abhijit  Sirdesai
By Abhijit Sirdesai, private profession - 
Keeping myself updated helps me to deal with the daily affairs. Constant reading and discussing ideas helps to build opinions a... more>>
Loizos  Potamites
By Loizos Potamites, Home business - Stiforp
Beyond decision making, successful leaders across all areas become influential leaders when create environments that are: •... more>>
Rahul  Vyas
By Rahul Vyas, Software Development - Hi-Tech ITO - Software Development Company
Software development phase or software development process also known as software development life-cycle (SDLC) is the detailed... more>>
Aswini Kumar Sahoo
By Aswini Kumar Sahoo, IBM India - IBM India Pvt Ltd
There are solutions to every problem if anybody diligently looks for it. And nothing is invincible in this world if we strive t... more>>
Rajesh  Vyas
By Rajesh Vyas, Senior Programmer - Grooovyware Inc.
Before going to market or taking any kind of decision please read market demand first as well as your target user. There might ... more>>
Chandrashekhar  Patil
By Chandrashekhar Patil, Engineer - Black pepper technologies Pvt Ltd
Think always out of box. Never stick to old methods. As a QA professional, you are the gate keeper for any bugs, Make sure your... more>>
Dr L P  Sharma
By Dr L P Sharma, Technical Director - NIC
I think they are my vision and a strong desire to implement them that gives me happiness to spend even extra time, coupled with... more>>
Rajagopalan  Nair
I always try to update myself with the latest trends in the industries in which I have good expertise so that I can present mys... more>>
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