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Siliconindia Network members contribute some valuable advices and suggestions from their professional life for current and upcoming professionals. Selected messages are mentioned below:
Ravi  Mantha
By Ravi Mantha, CEO & MD - SV Lead & Strategy
I also teach in more than30 MBA colleges and professionals with 8 to 10 years’ experience also come for  my advice,&... more>>
Pradeep  Kar
By Pradeep Kar, Founder, Chairman & MD - Microland
You have to stay optimistic and should have the self belief.You can’t be a captain of a ship and think that it’s ... more>>
Ritesh  Arora
By Ritesh Arora, CEO - LetsShop.in
Doing something and failing is better than not doing it at all.A great product/project/company, doesn’t guarantee a gre... more>>
Janmejay  Mohapatra
By Janmejay Mohapatra, Founder - Ajatus
Well in terms of experience I am still learning. Starting a venture & running the show successfully is one of the tough... more>>
Jignesh  Parmar
By Jignesh Parmar, CEO & MD - Aruhat Technologies
Trust and empower people by providing authority and give them Vision to work with and keep them aligned with the Vision. And a... more>>
Meena  Shah
By Meena Shah, Co-Founder - iView Creations & iView Labs Pvt Ltd.
•Right team can always make you cross boundaries. So find the right talent for your company. •Don’t look at tod... more>>
Ajay  Patwari
By Ajay Patwari, Senior Technical Consultant- BI - PTC
I would advise anyone who would want to start off as a BI professional to understand Business transactional data; I would als... more>>
Madhu  Salapur
By Madhu Salapur,  - 
I would say that the 'Data/Information management' domain is a very interesting domain considering the fact that 'data' is a ba... more>>
Jyoti  Kulkarni
By Jyoti Kulkarni, Senior Consultant, BI/DW - Sonata Software
Keep your mind and eyes open always to grab any kind of opportunity which comes in your way for DWBI domain (If you are inter... more>>
Lohit K Lakshman
By Lohit K Lakshman, Director of Solution Delivery - TEKsystems
Know your customers better, it goes back to the earlier statement I made ”FIRST SEEK TO UNDERSTAND BEFORE YOU CAN BE UNDE... more>>
Deblena  Majumdar
By Deblena Majumdar,  - global Financial Services
Apart from honing the analytical skills and technical knowledge which are obviously critical, I would suggest focusing on the f... more>>
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