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Siliconindia Network members contribute some valuable advices and suggestions from their professional life for current and upcoming professionals. Selected messages are mentioned below:
Brijesh  Kumar
By Brijesh Kumar, Founder and CEO - Hyphen Technologies (P) Ltd.
My advice to the new professionals, entering in IT industry, they should update themselves with latest technologies and should ... more>>
Kulwinder  Singh
By Kulwinder Singh, Director - Global Marketing and Communication, Synechron - Synechron
Marketers have the potential to make or break the companies. As a marketing head I have to focus on positioning my product well... more>>
Rajat  Sarkar
By Rajat Sarkar, Assistant General Manager at REEM Batteries Power Appliances in Muscat OMAN - REEM Batteries & Power Appliances Co, SAOC
Sales is very important in the Operation of any organization. Its extremely important as it ensures the final Transaction of th... more>>
Sajjan Singh Parihar
By Sajjan Singh Parihar, PSO Officer II - Asian Parints ltd.
frist i understand the problem and try to find the cause of problem and we will start in basic and find new way to improve and ... more>>
Kulwinder  Singh
By Kulwinder Singh, Director - Global Marketing and Communication, Synechron - Synechron
I don’t think my team needs that as they are a self motivated lot. I keep giving directions to my team at regular intervals. ... more>>
Bhaskar  Jha
By Bhaskar Jha, PR and Marketing Professional - Positive Interactive Pvt Ltd
I would like to emphasize the aspirants on the fact that their preparations always need to be dynamic in nature. To be successf... more>>
Kirtan  Thaker
By Kirtan Thaker, Co-Founder - White Lotus Corporation
I have learned to be positive in actions and efforts. A solid determination to make things happen what you have desired is wh... more>>
Saeed Ahmed Khan
By Saeed Ahmed Khan, Founder - sCytech
The success or failure of any company depends upon the leadership of the Top Manager. For startups, entrepreuner is the Top Man... more>>
George  Koomullil
By George Koomullil, Founder & CEO - INDUS Techinnovations
The most important insight was to shift our focus from just developing the technology to applying it to create products that so... more>>
Sumeet  Anand
By Sumeet Anand, Founder - i-nable Solutions Pvt. Ltd
Each mentor brings a different valuable insight but advice and constructive suggestions on simplifying the message, focusing on... more>>
Vaishali  Sharma
By Vaishali Sharma, CEO - Purplechai Technologies
Be honest, passionate and hard-working. Create a well thought of strategy for your business. Plan your goals and work hard to...
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